Auto Security Systems
Won't Always Stop
Determined Car Thieves.


Newer automobiles come with improved Auto Security Systems, but still 1 car is stolen every 33 seconds in the U.S.A.... that's around 1 million vehicles each year.

California is the No.1 auto theft state (accounting for 242,693 auto thefts in 2008) followed by Texas (95,429) and Florida (76,437).

Some are stolen by "joy-riders" who may dump your car somewhere intact once they're done or leave it a smouldering wreck. Some are used as get-away cars in carrying out other crimes. While others are stolen for resale or to be stripped down for spare parts never to be seen again.

Some Facts from various surveys:

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  • Australia's NRMA Insurance estimates around 24% of stolen vehicles are never found.

  • One American insurer found 15% of stolen cars had the keys in the ignition.

  • The car owner's driveway or garage were prime theft locations.

  • Germany and Japan have the lowest rates of car theft (around 1/10th that of U.S and U.K).
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  • $6.4 billion was the estimated property loss in the U.S.A. alone through vehicles stolen in 2008.

  • 1 in 3 drivers had left their car unattended with the engine running (National Insurance Crime Bureau)...especially in winter to warm up their vehicles.

  • 21% of owners don't always lock their vehicle.

  • Only 12% of auto theft cases were solved in 2008 (U.S. Insurance Information Institute).

  • 45% of owners had left mail in their car, 25% a wallet or purse, and 30% bank statements... exposing them to the risk of identity fraud as well as loss of possessions.

  • 47% didn't always park in well lit areas.

  • "Keyless Entry" locks are safer but not thief-proof (commercially available devices like RFID microreaders can unlock them).

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Insurance companies assign "Theft Ratings" to different models of cars which estimate:

  1. Resistance to theft provided by the engine immobilizer,

  2. Resistance to forced entry provided by vehicle design and build quality,

  3. Ease of identification based on VIN (vehicle identification number)body stampings, microdots and security labels,

  4. Whether modifications or accessories have been added which might make them more attractive to thieves.

  5. Whether you live and garage your car in a high risk area.

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