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Car Safety Tips & Facts.

Car Safety Tips & Facts.

Car Safety Tips became relevant in 1869 when the first ever road traffic death caused by a motor vehicle is thought to have occurred. Irish scientist Mary Ward was run over by her cousin's steam driven car after falling from it (Ref: Wikipedia).

Today the world has over 600,000,000 passenger cars. The USA alone has almost 255,000,000 registered vehicles (some 137,000,000 of these passenger cars). A record 55,000,000 new cars were produced in 2007.

The three largest car manufacturers currently are Japan (nearly 10 million cars annually), Germany (around 5.5 million) and China (over 5 million)...the USA is fourth with approximately 4.5 million.

Car Crime.

Road Rage attack Ohio.

Car Safety Tips & and Fact No.1... Car Crime will likely affect every single one of us sooner or later.

Drunk Driving Facts are frightening.
One American is killed every 39 minutes in DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs) Fatalities. There were 13,041 such fatalities in 2007 according to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis.

Road Rage Statistics show that young drivers (18-24) are more than twice as aggressive as older drivers over 65... and that drivers with children aboard respond much more aggressively.

Car hijacking or CarJacking accounts for around 4% of all U.S. car thefts....about 40,000 to 50,000 each year.

Texting While Driving makes you more dangerous than a drunk driver.
And talking on your cell phone while driving can be just as distracting and dangerous. An estimated 5,870 American auto deaths in 2008 were attributed to cell phone use and texting drivers (ref: Wikipedia) as well as 330,000 injuries (Harvard Center Risk Analysis).

Despite modern cars coming equipped with sophisticated anti-theft technology... Car Theft still accounted for almost 1 million cars stolen in the U.S. alone in 2008 (down from the 1.66 million stolen in 1991).

Car Care.

car safety tips rolls royce smallcar

Whether you drive a Rolls Royce or something lesser... you still need to know how to maintain and care for your car.

Basic Car Maintenance is important for two reasons:

1. To keep your car's resale value as high as possible,

2. More importantly, to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

A Car Safety report from the NHTSA revealed 9 percent of passenger cars on U.S. roads have at least one bald tire.

"Motorists who drive on tires that are bald or substantially under-inflated tires risk injuries or fatalities" (U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta).

Women And Cars.

Are women better drivers than men?

Many auto insurance companies seem to think when it comes to Car Safety the answer is often (but not always) YES.

Here are a few statistics about Women and Cars and Safety that may explain why:

car safety tips pink coupe
  • 73% of U.S. highway deaths are men (NHTSA).

  • 55% of men admit to driving drunk versus 30% of women (AAMI).

  • Men are 4 times more likely to be in a fatal accident than women (RTA).

  • 47% of men have made rude gestures at other drivers versus 38% of women.

Kids In Cars.

Car Safety Tips are especially important when it comes to protecting young children with Child Car Seats while travelling in cars.

car safety tips child safety seat

  • In the U.S. over 2,000 young children are killed and 320,000 injured in automobile accidents each year (ref: American Academy Pediatrics).

  • Over 2/3 of of these child fatalities involve a drinking driver.

  • Child Safety Seats reduced the risk of infant death by 71 percent (ref: CDC).

  • One study revealed 72 % of a sample of 3,500 cars had incorrectly fitted child-safety or booster seats (ref: CDC).

EU Road Fatalities 1990-2010... greatly reduced.

car safety tips eu fatalities

European Union Statistics reveal that, although vehicle numbers have increased enormously over the years, the ratio of fatalities in advanced nations is actually falling. This is a result of newer cars with better inbuilt safety and security features and safety ratings, improved motorways and traffic control, and better driving habits.

Unfortunately, many less developed nations are experiencing higher fatality rates due to rapidly escalating vehicle numbers. These countries have older (possibly unroadworthy) vehicles, poor driving experience and habits, poor and unsafe roads which can't cope with the increased volumes, and inferior traffic controls and enforcement. People here are too busy surviving the daily grind to worry about car safety tips and statistics.

India overtook China as the World Road-Death Capital in 2008 with over 118,000 fatalities versus China's 74,000. The death toll in the USA is around 43,000 each year from some 11,000,000 motor vehicle accidents per year (down from 17,900,000 mva in 1980).

It is estimated over 3,000 deaths result from car crashes each day world wide (ref: World Health Organization). That's 1.2 million deaths each year.

Another 50 million people are injured or disabled.

Anyone still think there's no need for Car Safety Tips?

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