Women And Cars...Are
Women Safer Drivers?

Women And Cars.

When it comes to women and cars the question often asked is..."Are women better drivers than men?" It seems they may very well be... they certainly seem to be safer drivers.

A recent study by Australia's N.S.W Road Traffic Authority showed men were four times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than women.

"Males are certainly more confident that they are skilled drivers... Females are more confident that they are safe drivers".

"A few behavioural factors stand out. First of all males are much more likely to be involved as a speeding driver in a fatal crash. They're also more likely to be involved as an alcohol affected driver in a fatal crash... (and in fatalities in vehicles) males are more likely to be the ones not wearing their seatbelt".

Soames Job, Director N.S.W. Centre Road Safety.

"It's all about being careful. Women are better drivers because they are more cautious".

Amy Boatwright, Performance Driving Instructor.
Many women dream of driving a cool coupe like this Audi TT ...

car safety tips pink coupe
Some statistics from various surveys about Women and Cars:

  • In the U.S. around 30,000 male drivers are killed each year in vehicle collisions versus 12,000 females.

  • 73 % of highway deaths involve males.(NHTSA).

  • 30% of women drink drive versus 55% of men. (AAMI Insurance).

  • 38% of women have made rude, aggressive gestures to or verbally abused other drivers versus 47% of men. (AAMI).

  • Many insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance to women drivers.

  • 65% of new car buyers are women. (Road & Travel Magazine).

  • Women influence 95% of all car purchases. (Road & Travel Magazine).

... but many women end up driving something like this!

car safety tips groceries

  • Over 65% of women arrange the service of their own vehicles and take them to the repair shop. Although, 47% find it an ordeal and 30% would rather a friend or partner went with them. 27% say they've experienced rude or patronising behaviour and felt intimidated.

  • 49% of drivers were women in 1996 versus 4% in 1972. (U.S. Dept.Transportation).

  • 39% of women prefer to deal with a woman in a car showroom versus 10% of men.

  • 53% of women admit to having felt frightened at some stage while driving alone at night.

  • 30% of women avoid driving alone at night due to fear for their personal safety. (Guardian Insurance).

  • Over 80% of women feel less safe driving alone at night than they did 5 years ago.

  • 75% of women feel most vulnerable while walking to their car alone at night.

  • British car insurer for women "Sheila's Wheels" has found around 30% of women have been subjected to road rage or intimidation while driving alone. Because most women say they feel safer with a passenger in the car the company has been working to develope a prototype the "Car Buddy"..."HAVE AN INSTANT MAN IN YOUR GLOVEBOX"... a blow up man that inflates at the flick of a switch if and when a passenger is needed.

Pregnant Women And Cars.

Pregnant women should continue to use seatbelts and airbags properly.

A University of Michigan study found that "unrestrained or improperly restrained pregnant women are 5.7 times more likely to have an adverse fetal outcome than properly restrained pregnant women".

If seatbelts are not long enough, extensions are available from the car manufacturer or an aftermarket supplier."...(ref: Wikipedia).

The NHTSA is presently reviewing the effect of exploding car airbags on pregnant women.

All pregnant women should travel with car seats as far back as possible away from airbags.

The seat belt should be positioned over the collar bone and as low as possible under the abdomen ( not over it) and over the hips and upper thighs.

How A Pregnant Mom Should Wear Her Seatbelt...

Women And Cars... Driving Alone.

When it comes to women and cars they may be vulnerable to attack especially at night or in isolated areas when driving alone.

A recent example occurred in Queensland, Australia where a 49 year old woman's car broke down in a quiet outer suburb of Brisbane around midnight. A white van stopped as if to offer assistance. Instead the male driver ("heavy to fat, with bad teeth and a balding head...") dragged the unfortunate woman into his van. "He then threatened the woman with a knife, punched her in the face and sexually assaulted her before throwing her out of the van and driving off", the police statement read.

The woman was badly traumatized but at least escaped with her life.

Some Car safety Tips that may help:

  • Always keep your car well maintained to minimize the risk of breakdown.

  • Always have your mobile phone charged and handy in case of emergency.

  • Join an Automobile 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Organization you can call for help.

car safety tips roadside assist

  • Always drive with doors locked and windows closed as much as possible.

  • Never pick up hitch hikers or strangers.

  • If you think you're being followed drive quickly to a busy public place.

  • Don't park in isolated, dimly lit areas.

  • Reverse park so you can quickly drive straight out in an emergency.

  • Have your keys ready when returning to your car... don't waste time fumbling around in your bag.

  • Be ready to blast your car horn if frightened...don't worry you might upset an innocent would-be-helper if you're not sure... better safe than sorry. Noise deters attackers.

  • Lock the car doors while paying for fuel at a gas station.

  • Maybe carry a personal alarm.

  • Always try to reach a busy public area if your car is at all driveable... your safety is more important than any mechanical damage you may do to your vehicle.

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