Computer Safety...Every Minute
Online Is A Security Risk.

Ignoring Computer Safety protocols leaves you wide open to attack from online hackers as well as local malicious and criminal attack.

Losing your treasured private photos and documents could be just as devestating as the financial losses of someone cleaning out your bank account or stealing your identity.

Computer Systems Security.

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All computers, be they at home or at work, are vulnerable to theft of the actual hardware or of the financial data and personal information contained in side.

How would you cope if your computer systems security wasn't adequate and you lost everything through some natural disaster (like flood or fire), malicious damage or theft?

Computer Internet Security.

Every minute you're online connected to the Internet leaves you vulnerable to attack from hackers and cyber criminals if you don't have adequate computer internet security measures in place.

And even then, you probably need to assume that sooner or later some security breach is inevitable, and have a back-up strategy in place just in case.

Internet Safety Tips.

If you're an online shopper you need to know how to minimize credit card risk.

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If your children go online you need to know what dangers they might be exposed to.

And if you're socializing online you need to know who are not your "friends".

Following a few simple internet safety tips may help keep you out of harm's way.

Computer Security Threats.

Computer security threats are an ever present source of danger and come in many shapes and sizes.

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They can range from an apparently innocuous email attachment to outright terrorist attack resulting in massive social disruptions and disasters.

Viruses, Worms, Botnets, Spyware, Malvertizing (that is advertising containing malware) are just some of the threats you need to be aware of when assessing your computer safety.

WiFi Security.

Almost 100% of all business laptops sold are wireless.

Six in ten Americans now use wireless technology to connect to the Internet (40% use mobile phones, the rest laptops).

Many are totally unaware that crackers (hackers with criminal intent) are hovering around public wireless "hotspots", the street outside their home, or the garage near their office trying to gain unauthorized access.

Make sure your WiFi Security is adequate.

Best Laptop Computer Tips.

It is estimated over 1 million laptop computers are stolen or lost each year.

Around 40% are stolen, approximately half contain confidential data, and only 5% are ever recovered.

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An Intel funded study by the Ponemon Institute of 329 U.S. companies in 2008 into computer safety discovered 86,455 laptops (valued at $2.1 billion) went missing that year. One third were lost while traveling (i.e. airports and hotel rooms), while 12% were misplaced in the office. Only 10% of the missing business laptops had any anti-theft devices installed, and less than 30% any form of encryption.

Even the FBI is believed to have "misplaced" some 300 laptops during the Commission Hearing into the 9-11 attacks.

Our 20 best laptop computer tips may help you hang onto your laptop.

Newsflash April 21st 2011:

Sony's Playstation database hacked.

The full names, birth dates, and credit card details of over 100 million customers were compromised in one of the biggest breaches of security in Internet history.

A director of Hacklabs warns "Undoubtedly, we'll see larger breaches continue to happen". He believes many hackers are highly organized criminal syndicates or state backed attackers with plenty of technical and financial backing.

Computer Safety
Newsflash April 27th 2011:

Europe's biggest GPS SatNav manufacturer, Tom Tom, has been forced to apologize for selling data collected from customers to the Dutch government.

Dutch Police used the information to study driving patterns, routes taken, and speeds driven to set their speed cameras up in areas to generate maximum effect and income.

Tom Tom later confessed that it had already sold data to 16 European governments, and planned to start selling data in Australia and the U.S.A.

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