Medical Diseases That Are
Health & Life Threatening.

A list of medical diseases makes for disturbing reading, seems never ending, and is enough to depress anyone... so many conditions that can seriously affect the health of you and our family.

Some diseases are genetically pre-determined and a matter of chance or fate depending on who our parents were. Some are a result of unhealthy lifestyle choices... poor eating or exercise habits, substance abuse (alcohol, smoking, drugs), whatever.

While others may simply be due to bad luck (like coming in contact with a sick person or animal), or a lack of awareness (here ignorance of hidden dangers in your environment certainly ain't bliss).

Here's a list of some diseases you really want to avoid by being alert and aware.

Medical Diseases To Be Aware Of:

Flesh Eating Disease.

Legionnaires Disease.

Lyme Disease Treatment.

Airborne Diseases.

Parasitic Diseases.

Some of these diseases can strike out of the blue like when healthy, young Danean Balestrieri (see video below) was first told she'd torn the ligaments in her foot while on vacation, only to discover she'd contracted Flesh Eating Disease and days later came close to losing a leg.

Other illnesses like Lyme Disease are more likely to be encountered if you camp out or wander through outdoor terrain where disease-carrying ticks are rampant and you haven't taken the necessary precautions.

More difficult to anticipate are diseases like Legionnaires which have been known to originate from;

  • improperly maintained air-conditioning cooling towers in hotels, offices, ships, and hospitals,
  • under chlorinated hot tubs or indoor fountains,
  • water heaters, car washes & windscreen wiper water (the deadly bacteria thrive in warm water and biofilm),
  • even bags of garden compost.

Published on Aug 6, 2013 by WBNS10TV.
Death toll from Legionnaires' disease rises to 6 in Reynoldsburg retirement community outbreak.

Published on May 23, 2012 by CNN.
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor describes her ordeal.

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