Bad Liposuction Horror Stories.

Bad liposuction results are less likely to occur when only properly trained and experienced surgeons are consulted... after all, liposuction is an invasive, surgical procedure.

Some health experts worry that liposuction has been oversimplified in the popular media. Complications can and do arise... sometimes with fatal consequences.

Types of Liposuction.

The standard method of liposuction involves inserting a thin, straw-like, tube or "cannula" (which is connected to a suction-motor) into small incisions in the skin and sucking out fat cells.

Various techniques of liposuction can be used to assist in fat removal including Ultrasound, Twin-cannula, Power-assisted, Laser, & Water-assisted.

But you should never forget... it is always the skill and experience of the surgeon that counts most... not the technique used.

Bad Liposuction Complications.

  • Infection... through skin incisions or contaminated instruments.

  • Fat or Blood Clots... can migrate to lungs or brain causing death.

  • Deaths from bad liposuction... various studies range from 3-16 deaths per 100,000 procedures (and even higher in less developed countries and clinics). One survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the 1990's put it as high as 20 deaths per 100,000.

  • Excessive Fat Removal & Fluid Loss... can cause shock, and prove fatal.

  • Friction burns... to skin or nerves, especially from ultrasound devices.

  • Organ Perforation or Puncture... is often life threatening.

  • Skin Necrosis or Death.

  • Allergic Reactions... to anaesthetics and medications used.

  • Contour irregularities... leaving skin bumpy, spotted, or withered. One report suggested up to 20% of patients had considered follow up treatment to improve the contour of their original surgery.

  • Excessive Bleeding.

  • Seroma or Fluid Build-up... in areas where fat was removed.

  • Multiple Procedures at the one time greatly increase the risks (one source claiming by a factor of 16).

  • Swelling, pain, numbness and scarring of incisions.

Bad Liposuction Deaths.


In July 2011 Anaheim physician Dr. Peter Normann was convicted of causing three liposuction deaths. He was found guilty of the second-degree death of Ralph Gonzalez, 33, in December 2006; the second-degree death of Leslie Ann Ray, 53, in July 2007; and the manslaughter of Alicia Santizo Blanco, 41, in April 2007.

*2007, November 10...

Donda West, 58 year old mother of singing star Kanye West, died following complex plastic surgery involving a breast reduction, tummy tuck, and liposuction. Kanje West told the Huffington Post (09/16/2010):

"The Los Angeles culture was responsible for his mother's death."


"Gas gangrene is a very rare condition... The infection, once contracted, can have devastating and rapid consequences, thus in liposuction procedures the proper and effective sterilisation of instruments, of the patient's skin and of the environment the procedure is to take place is essential."... Deputy Coroner Anthony Schapel.

28 year old woman dies of gangrene infection after liposuction.

*2011, June...

Maria Shortall, 38, died following a bad liposuction procedure in an un-accredited, inadequately-equipped cosmetic "Rejuvenation Institute" in Weston, Florida. The procedure involved 22 incisions and was carried out under local anaesthetic by a doctor who was not a plastic surgeon. An autopsy report revealed a fat embolus got into the bloodstream and blocked the blood flow to the lungs. The patient died soon after the fat, which had been removed from her stomach, was injected into her buttocks.

22 incisions made in fatal liposuction case... includes ABC video.

*2012, May 10...

Manhattan, New York.... a 51 year old woman (who'd had a heart-transplant operation in 2004 by famed Dr. Mehmet Oz) collapsed and died after undergoing liposuction in a Park Avenue office. The doctor who performed the bad liposuction procedure had previously boasted to a newspaper of his $7 million home.

51 year old Dr Oz heart-transplant patient dies after liposuction.

*2012, August-September...

Three women who underwent liposuction at a cosmetic surgery center in Baltimore County, Maryland, USA contracted Group A Streptococcus infections... one died. Bacterial invasion of deep tissues can lead to invasive gas disease which is also called necrotizing fasciitis, or "flesh-eating" disease.

3 women infected after liposuction, 1 dies.

*2012, September 9...

A 32 year old male PhD scholar, Narenda Kumar, died as a result of a liposuction procedure performed at a private hospital in Hyderabad, India.
"During the surgery, the large intestine of Narenda got ruptured and, due to leakage of excreta, his kidneys, liver, pancreas and lungs got infected."... L Saida Naik, Assistant Professor Dept. Biotechnology.

PhD scholar dies of ruptured intestine in bad liposuction procedure.

*2012, October 19...

Brazilian model Pamela Nascimento, aged 27, died of severe blood loss after a suspected perforation of her kidney or liver. Her aunt was quoted as saying "She was obsessed with her looks." The model had had two liposuction procedures carried out previously.

Sao Paulo, Brazilia... model dies during liposuction in exclusive clinic.

These a just a few examples of what can result from bad liposuction.

"The decision to have a plastic surgery procedure is serious.
No-risk surgery doesn't exist!"

... Richard D'Amico MD, president American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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