Overseas Adventure Travel Can
Bring You A World Of Trouble
If You're Not Prepared.

Planning Tips.

With overseas adventure travel, the safety and security and comfort of you and your family is paramount. Whether it's vacation or business, it pays to plan ahead.

Would you believe in 2008:

  • 100,000 British tourists ended up at the wrong destination after booking their vacation.

  • Brits lost $175 million through holiday mishaps of which $115m went in unforeseen medical expenses.

  • ... the rest went on lost or stolen baggage and valuables, travel delays and cancelled flights.

Or that a young couple booked a flight online from London to Sydney, Australia only to find themselves in Halifax, Nova Scotia in transit to Sydney, in north-eastern Canada.

You need to carefully prepare your Vacation Plan so things don't go hideously wrong.

Breaking Free by Air.

travel safety airbus a320

2.3 billion people took to the skies in 2009 on 35 million flights.

Travel by air has never been so cheap and easy, and people love it.

But air travel isn't all blue skies and movies on demand.

Would you know what to do if you find yourself sitting next to a sick passenger? And which are the safest seats in a plane? Or what medical assistance you can expect to receive during a flight if something goes wrong?

How much do you think about Airplane Safety?

Breaking Free By Sea.

travel safety cruise ship

Meanwhile, another 18 million passengers took to the high seas on cruise liners in their quest for overseas adventure travel.

So what can possibly go wrong cruising at sea?

Unfortunately, the answer is quite a lot. Sea travel isn't all smooth seas and deck games.

Every year dozens of people "disappear" from cruise ships. Some are thought to have committed suicide, others as a result of accident or foul play.

Other mishaps that can strike at sea include outbreaks of illness on board ship, mechanical breakdown, criminal acts and robbery, or violent storms.

So are there precautions you can take?

Health Hazards to Avoid.

travel safety parasite worms

Who would have thought that by taking a swim, wading through, or drinking from seemingly pristine, crystal clear water you could be infected by a parasite like Schistosomiasis?

"Schitsa... what?" you say?

The travel health hazards are too real and important for you to ignore.

Overseas Adventure Travel - Hotel Security.

A recent survey of Asia Pacfic hotels revealed that;

...half confessed to being unsure who had keys to hotel locks.
...one third admitted to having lost master keys.
...less than 40% were positive all entrances and exits were secure.
...25% didn't have sprinkler systems in guest rooms.
...over one third of hotels didn't issue staff photo ID.
...almost half of room attendants didn't ask for guest ID when asked to open a room door.

So what hotel safety precautions do you take while away?

Dangers to Avoid.

According to a study in 2008, you have a 1.3 percent chance of being bitten by a stray dog in Thailand, many of which carry rabies.

And remember, that when you indulge in extreme sports or activities that push your luck to the limit you sometimes pay the ultimate price.

Like the two Australian women (aged 60 and 65) who were drowned in a swollen river in Peru while white water rafting.

When traveling you should always be on the lookout for hazard signs warning of dangers to avoid.

Hiking and Camping.

travel safety hiking sign

Hiking was listed as the third most dangerous outdoor activity by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008. Skiing came in number one.

So if you want to return from your stroll through the wilderness unharmed make sure you take the necessary precautions and time to think about a few camping survival and hiking tips.

It pays to be safety smart when you embark on overseas adventure travel.

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