Top 10
Most Dangerous Cities.

Compiling a Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities is never going to be easy or clear cut and will always be controversial.

Cities can be dangerous for a number of reasons.

They might have large suburban districts where poverty and crime are rampant and security is under threat.

They might have major environmental or pollution issues that give rise to health concerns and problems.

Or political events can embroil cities in civil strife, terrorism, and even turn them into a war zone.

10 Most Dangerous Cities for Civil Strife & Terrorism.

Visiting any of these destinations places a tourist's safety and security at enormous risk.

No.1 Baghdad, Iraq:
Population: 5.2 million.
workplace safety soldier * The Second Gulf War began 3/20/2003.
* Total Iraqui casualties may top 1 million (ref: Wikipedia).
* Almost 100,000 U.S. troops deployed to Iraq.
* Total U.S troops killed 4,488 as of 7/27/2012.
* Fears up 150,000 militants still remain.

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10 Most Dangerous Cities for Poverty and Crime.

Poverty and Crime go hand in hand when law enforcement is weak or inadequate; and when drugs, corruption and powerful criminal elements combine to threaten normal law abiding citizens.

N0.1 Caracas, Venezuela:
Population: 3.2 million.
workplace safety guns * 222 murders per 100,000 inhabitants (ref: Overseas Security Advisory Council/U.S. Dept of State, July 2011).

* The New York Times reported 8/22/2010 (Simon Romero)... "In Iraq, a country with about the same population as Venezuela, there were 4,644 civilian deaths from violence in 2009; in Venezuela that year, the number of murders climbed above 16,000.
Even Mexico's infamous drug war has claimed fewer lives."

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Last year's No.1 on the list, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, has slipped to No. 3... from 229 murders per 100,000 to 148 murders per 100,000. But may make a come-back some time soon.

* Ciudad Jaurez has been the epicenter of a war between the Sinaloa and Los Zetas drug cartels. The UNODC estimates Mexican drug cartel total membership at around 200,000 members.

AssociatedPress, May 6, 2009:
"Deep inside a military warehouse, the evidence of Mexico's war on drug cartels is stacked two stories high: tens of thousands of seized weapons from brutal drug gangs. The AP was given exclusive access to the secure facility."

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Top 10 Cities Most Dangerous for Pollution.

Untreated toxic industrial discharge, disease causing smog, and untreated sewage entering the food chain are just a few of the problems lying in wait for the unwary traveller.

And some of the worlds largest cities are in danger of becoming "slum cities... oceans of poverty containing islands of wealth".

No.1 Dzerzhinsk, Russia:
Population: 300,000.
* Formerly secret manufacturer of chemical weapons like Sarin and VX Nerve Gas (ref: Blacksmith Institute).
most dangerous cities pollution city *450 km south-east of Moscow.
* Soil and groundwater heavily polluted with arsenic, heavy metals, dioxins, phenols, etc.
*Once named as the most chemically polluted city in the world by Guiness Book of World Records.

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Pollution Problems...Dzerzhinsk, Russia July 2009.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The U.S.A.

dangerous cities u.s. flag gun ... based on FBI crime data for 2011.

No.1 Flint, Michigan:
Population: 102,357... (down from 109,245 last year).
Violent Crimes: 23.4 per 1,000.
Murders: 52.

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As we said, picking the most dangerous cities on the planet is always going to be controversial and debatable.

So here's a link to ALLTIME 10s and their pick for TOP 10 Dangerous Cities In The World.

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