Top 10 Scariest
Places On Earth.

Visiting any of these Ten Scariest Places on Earth places a tourist's safety and security at enormous risk.

Before you take off, do yourself a favour and check out your country's Travel Advisories about what safety and security precautions you should take at your destination. These include:

The Australian Travel Advisory
The United Kingdom Travel Advisory
The United States Travel Advisory
World Health Organization

Danger From Civil Strife & Terrorism.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities:
  1. Baghdad, Iraq:
    Population: 5.2 million.
    * The Second Gulf War began 3/20/2003.
    * Total Iraqi casualties may top 1 million (ref: Wikipedia).
    * Almost 100,000 U.S. troops deployed to Iraq.
    * Total U.S troops killed 4,488 as of 7/27/2012.
    * Fears up 150,000 militants still remain.

  2. Kabul, Afghanistan:
    Population: 3.9 million.
    workplace safety soldier *Civil Strife since Soviet invasion in 12/24/1979.
    *Almost 100,000 American troops stationed in Afghanistan by 2010.
    *Total Coalition Military Fatalities 3,174 as of 9/13/2012.

  3. Mogadishu, Somalia:
    Population: 2.5 million.
    * Civil war breaks out in 1991.
    * Hundreds of thousands killed when radical Islamic rebels seize half the country.

  4. Syria... Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama:
    Population Damascus 2.4 million.
    Population Aleppo 2.13 million.
    Population Homs 1 million.
    Population Hama 700k.
    * A brutal and bloody civil war is presently being waged that has seen over 33,000 people killed (including 16 journalists) many of them civilians.
    * The situation is so grim that the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada have all abandoned their embassies.
    * France warns Assad government may be planning chemical and biological weapons attacks (Sept 3, 2012).

  5. Tripoli, Libya:
    Population: 1.7 million.
    * Civil war erupts in February 2011.

  6. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo:
    scariest places kinshasa congo Population: 10 million.
    * Homicide Rate: 112 per 100,000.
    * 1,150 women raped every day (American Journal Public Health).
    * 5.4 million died between 1998-2003 as a result of civil war.
    * First HIV-1 infection detected 1959 (ref: Wikipedia).

  7. Grozny, Chechnya, Russia:
    Population:271,600 (down from 400,000 in 1989).
    * "Most Destroyed City on Earth" (U.N. in 2003).

  8. Karachi, Pakistan:
    Population: 20 million.
    * Rising volence due to ethnic, political and militant tensions.

  9. Beirut, Lebanon:
    Population: 2 million.
    * Seven Estonian cyclists kidnapped March 2011; still missing.
    * Two Dutch diplomats kidnapped June 2011; travellers warned "we are advising against travel to (Lebanon) as it is dangerous" (British Embassy Spokesperson).

  10. Sanaa, Yemen:
    Population 1.75 million.
    * "State of Emergency" declared 3/18/2011 due to civil uprising.

The tragic thing is there are innocent people living in these scariest places on earth that would love to be free of all the chaos, violence, and strife but who have nowhere else to go... this is their home.

Camera-man Escapes Iraq Blasts: ... September 9, 2012.

A camera man was lucky not to be killed when a second car bomb exploded near him in the city of Kirkuk, Iraq.

The first car bomb (targeting police recruits) was detonated moments earlier, killing 8.

Published on Sep 9, 2012 by RussiaToday:
Scariest places on Earth.

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