Bad Luck Stories 2013... An Archive
Of "Hard Luck Stories Of The Month".

Bad Luck Stories 2013.... this collection of "Hard Luck" stories from around the world shows that although we might strive to be aware of all aspects of safety and security for ourselves and our families, ultimately we are at the mercy of fate, destiny, or God's will... call it what you may.

However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't always try to be alert and aware of the world around us.

Many accidents, injuries, financial hardships, and even some crimes are entirely preventable. So when it comes to the safety and security of ourselves and our families we owe to ourselves to as careful as we can.

It's not enough to hope blindly that everything will be OK. Sometimes it's not.

Some people trust in a lucky rabbit's foot. Just remember though... it wasn't lucky for the rabbit.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... December.

Monster Typhoon Savages Philippines: ... November 8th, 2013.

The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan (one of the most powerful ever recorded) has risen to 5,235 with almost 2,000 missing and around 25,000 injured.

Tidal surges and winds of up to 270km/h lashed the southern Philippines damaging over 1 million homes and leaving 4 million people homeless. The dead were buried in mass graves, often without proper identification, as the lack of food and water, sanitary conditions, electricity, and medical help threatened to unleash sickness and disease.

Uploaded November 8 2013 by ABCNews.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Man Throws Out $9.3 Million of Bitcoins: ... November 29, 2013.

A 28-year-old British IT worker is cursing his bad luck after he recently let $9.3 million slip through his fingers.

The unlucky man purchased 7,500 of the new digital currency Bitcoins in 2009 when it was virtually worthless. This week they hit a peak of $1,242 for a single Bitcoin on November 29th 2013.

Unfortunately, instead of cashing in for a $9.3 million payout, the poor, remorseful guy could only think back a few months to the day he accidentally threw out the old computer hard drive which contained the password to his Bitcoin wallet. He said he'd forgotten about the Bitcoins and was "distracted by family life and moving house".

Without the password there is no way of accessing or retrieving the digital currency.

The hard drive ended up in a nearby landfill site with no real prospect of it ever being found.

Uploaded November 29th 2013 by BBC News:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Sibling's Donor Kidney Trashed: ... August 30, 2013.

A 22-year-old Ohio man and his 25 year-old-sister are suing the University of Toledo Medical Center over a kidney transplant gone wrong last year.

The young man sacrificed his kidney in an operation to help his sister who was suffering end-stage renal failure. But his sister's operation to receive the kidney was aborted soon afterwards when the kidney went missing, only to be found in a contaminated, medical bio-waste container. Doctors tried unsuccessfully to resurrect the kidney.

The Medical Center arranged another kidney transplant 3 months later (at no cost) after finding another suitable donor. But the family is suing for compensation for the stress and physical and mental suffering caused by the botched procedure.

August 30, 2013 by ABC News.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Shopping Mall Roof Collapse Kills 54: ... November 22, 2013.

At least 54 people are reported to have died and dozens been injured after the roof of a recently-built shopping mall in Riga, Latvia collapsed around 6:00 pm on Thursday evening. Three rescue fire-fighters were among those killed.

The store was crowded with customers leaving work and doing last minute shopping before heading home.

An investigation is underway to determine if shoddy construction is to blame, or if reports a roof garden was being constructed (together with inadequate drainage) may have been a contributing factor.

This accident follows on the heels of another shopping mall collapse 2 days prior near Durban, South Africa which left 2 dead and 29 injured. Inadequate building standards have been blamed.

Uploaded November 23rd 2013 by ITN:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... November.

Wingsuit Divers Death-Toll Soars: ... October 8th, 2013.

40 year old Hungarian wingsuit diver Victor Kovats has been killed after a jump gone wrong from a 700 metre high cliff in China's Hunan province. The veteran of over 1,000 jumps and base jumps, and 1,200 skydives was training for the 2nd World Wingsuit Championship being held on Tianmen Mountain.

The deaths of 6 wingsuit divers in the French/Swiss Alps earlier this summer resulted in a ban in the Chamonix, Mont Blanc region. Bans are already in place in many public areas like California's Yosemite National Park.

This highly dangerous sport claims around 20 lives annually.

British stuntman Mark Sutton (who parachuted into London's Olympic Stadium in the James Bond stunt in 2012) was among the causalities. He crashed to his death after jumping from a helicopter at 10,000 feet while filming a show for Epic TV.

Uploaded 15th August 2013 by ABCNews.
Uploaded 10th October 2013 by euronews.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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British Driving Ace Killed In Horror Crash : ... October 15, 2013.

26 year old Sean Edwards was hours away from flying out from Queensland Raceway back to his home in Monaco when he was killed in a horrific crash. Edwards, who was the leading the Porsche Supercup Championship series at the time, was in Australia on a working holiday.

He was in the passenger seat of a 996 series Porsche GT3 instructing the 20 year old son of Dellow Racing when their car struck a wall at over 200km/hr and exploded into flames. The driver is in a critical condition.

Sean Edwards is the son of former Formula 1 driver Guy Edwards, who is remembered for saving Niki Lauda from his burning Ferrari in the 1976 German Grand Prix (for which he was awarded the Gallantry Medal). Sean recently portrayed his father in Ron Howard's latest movie "Rush" which highlights the intense rivalry between German Niki Lauda and England's James Hunt at the time.

Uploaded October 15th 2013 by IBTimes UK:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Laos Air Crash Kills 49: ... October 17, 2013.

Six Australians, 7 French tourists, and one American were among the 44 passengers and 5 crew who were killed when a Lao Airlines twin-engined turboprop plane crashed into the mighty Mekong river. It's been reported the aircraft had not taken part in an IATA (International Air Transport Association) safety audit although if was only delivered in March by its French-Italian builders.

The aircraft was being battered by violent storms which were the tail end of a cyclone that had smashed the Philippines several days earlier.

An entire family of four from Sydney was lost; a 39 year old tax agent, his Laotian born 35 year old wife, and their two children aged 17 months and 2 years. They had returned to show their children to Laotian relatives.

The other two Australian men killed were a 39 year old humanitarian aid worker (and bomb disposal expert) and his retired father, who had flown over to see the good work his son had been carrying out in Asia during the past 20 years.

Uploaded October 17, 2013 by SunriseOn7.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Fierce Storms Lash Europe: ... October 28th, 2013.

At least 13 people are known to have died after fierce storms and winds of up to 160 km/h battered northern Europe.

Among the 5 dead in the UK were a 17 year old girl sleeping in a caravan crushed by a falling tree, and a man and woman blown to bits when a suspected ruptured gas pipe demolished three houses.

Two fatalities were also recorded in the Netherlands, six in Germany, one in France, and a man in Denmark who was hit in the head by a flying brick.

Uploaded October 28th 2013 ABCNews:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... October.

Man Taken By 16' Crocodile: ... August 25th, 2013.

A 26 year old man has been attacked by a 16' crocodile as he tried to swim across the crocodile-infested Mary River in Australia's Northern Territory with another man.

A witness a nearby boat said he "thought there's 3 people but the one behind was making a bow wave (like a boat) and that was a crocodile which was honing in on the last swimmer."

The man had been celebrating a friend's birthday, had been drinking, and ignored warning signs posted by the river.

Uploaded 25th August 2013 by ABCNews.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Tourist Killed in Venice Gondola Accident: ... August 18, 2013.

A 50 year old German university professor has been killed and his 3 year old daughter seriously injured when their gondola was struck by a water-taxi.

The accident occurred in the crowded Grand Canal near the famous Rialto bridge.

Authorities are considering whether "vaporetto" water taxis should in future be fitted with bow thrusters... propellors that would enable the craft to execute tighter turns in confined areas.

Uploaded August18th 2013 by Euronews:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Transgender Murder in New York: ... August 24, 2013.

New York police are investigating the death of a transgender woman in Harlem in what may have been a hate crime attack.

The 21 year old victim used two Facebook under his male birth name, the other as a woman.

Eyewitnesses said homophobic insults had been hurled before the attack took place.

Uploaded August 24, 2013 by NewsyHub.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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8 Year-old Shoots Carer In Head: ... August 25th, 2013.

A 90 year old carer in the U.S. was shot in the back of the head by the 8 year old boy she was minding.

The youngster, who was had been playing Grand Theft Auto IV prior to the incident, had found the elderly woman's .38-caliber pistol. He will not be charged as the Louisiana state law prevents children under 10 being charged.

Critics said the Grand Theft Auto game was inappropriate for children under 17 as it may promote violence.

Uploaded August 25th 2013 NewsCatcher31:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... September.

Australian Baseballer Gunned Down in U.S.A.: ... August 20th, 2013.

A 22 year old Australian pursuing his dream of playing baseball in the U.S.A has tragically been gunned down while jogging in small-town Duncan, Oklahoma.

The random act of violence was carried out by three teenagers who were later arrested. Local Police Chief Danny Ford said "They wanted to be Billy Bob Badasses... We would have had more bodies that night if we didn't get them".

The killers had first started out shooting targets, then animals, before deciding they wanted to experience the thrill of killing people.

Uploaded 18th August 2013 by kokotv.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Woman Plummets 17 Floors When Balcony Collapses: ... August 1, 2013.

A pretty 35 year old advertising executive has fallen 17 floors to her death when the apartment balcony she was leaning on collapsed and gave way.

She had stepped out for a cigarette with a new date she'd just met online. The man warned her the balcony didn't look safe (it was built prior to World War II) but she insisted "I do it all the time".

Uploaded August 5th 2013 by GeoBeats News:

New York Ad Exec Plummets 17 Floors When Balcony Collapses.

* * * *

Python Strangles 2 Young Brothers: ... July 25, 2013.

A 14ft python has escaped from a ground floor pet store and worked its way up through a ventilation duct to the ceiling of the floor above.

It appears its weight has then caused it to crash through the ceiling and onto to two young brothers (aged 6 and 4) who were sleeping-over at their friend's place, and strangled them both.

Police were questioning the owner who said he'd owned the python for over 10 years.

Uploaded August 6, 2013 by CNN.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Indian Submarine Explodes & Sinks: ... August 14th, 2013.

A diesel powered submarine has exploded and sunk in a Mumbai naval dock killing 18 sailors onboard. A fierce explosion in the forward section of the vessel lit up the night sky.

The Russian-made sub had only recently returned from a major refit in Russia and was fully operational carrying a full complement of missiles and torpedoes.

This raises further doubts about India's ability to respond to China's increasingly assertive military build-up, as well as its nuclear-powered neighbour Pakistan.

India's airforce has also previously been plagued by problems with its Russian-built MiG 21 fighters.

Uploaded August 14th 2013 IBTimesUK:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... August.

"Motor City" Detroit Declares Bankruptcy: ... July 18, 2013.

Detroit City has the dubious distinction of being the largest city in US history to ever file for bankruptcy.

Decades of decline and mismanagement have seen the once great industrial power-house collapse into rack and ruin crushed by debts of $20 billion.

Crime and homicide rates have soared to their highest in 40 years exacerbated by police-force cuts. Unemployment sits at 25 percent. Only one third of the ambulances and two-thirds of the fire-fighting units work. The population has shrunk from almost 2 million in 1950 to around 700,000 today. More than 80,000 derelict buildings lie abandoned and are regularly attacked by arsonists at night. Almost half the street lights don't work turning vast areas into "no go areas" at night. The drop out rate of school students is 50% plus.

Sadly, some parts of Detroit give the appearance of having reverted back to a pre-industrial era.

Uploaded 19th July 2013 by Channel4News.

* * * *

160 Million Credit-Cards Hacked: ... July 25, 2013.

Five men (4 Russians and a Ukrainian) have been charged with carrying out the largest hacking and data-stealing attack in US history.

They were indicted for penetrating the "secure computer networks of several (at least 17) of the largest payment-processing companies, retailers, and financial institutions in the world". Usernames, passwords, personal ID information, and credit and debit-card numbers were stolen.

Over $300 million was stolen from just three of the multi-national companies which included Carrefour (biggest retailer in France), Citigroup, PNC Financial Services Group, JetBlue, JC Penny, and 7-Eleven over a 7 year period.

Uploaded July 25th 2013 by AlJazeeraEnglish:

* * * *

Train Crash Kills Over 80 in Spain: ... July 25, 2013.

A train travelling from Madrid to Ferrol has crashed killing over 80 pilgrims and holiday makers and injuring almost all of the remaining 140 passengers.

The train was travelling at well over twice the 80km/h speed limit when it jumped the rails on a bend and was torn apart. The train had just left a stretch of track with a speed limit of 220km/h.

The train driver has been charged with "reckless homicide".

Uploaded July 25 2013 by AlJazeeraEnglish.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

23 Children Die in Indian School Poisoning: ... July 18, 2013.

Police have arrested the headmistress of a one-room school in Bihar State, eastern India after 23 young children died and a further 30 were hospitalized.

The children, most aged 4-10 years, had been served a lunch of rice, potatoes and lentils laced with organophosphate insecticide. Some children only attended the school because of the free lunch provided by the government in this poverty stricken village.

It is thought the oil used to cook the food (which was stored in the headmistress's home) may have accidentally been stored in a pesticide container being used on farmland surrounding the house.

Angry parents and relatives went on a rampage accusing government officials of lack of governance and corruption.

Uploaded July 18th 2013 AlJazeeraEnglish:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... July.

4 Houston Firefighters Die: ... May 31, 2013.

Tragically 4 firefighters have lost their lives fighting a massive 5-alarm blaze in Houston, Texas. Three firemen and a 24 year-old probationary fire-woman were killed when the burning roof and a wall caved in on them as they were looking for civilians trapped inside.

Over 150 firefighters were sent to battle the fire in sweltering temperatures after flames quickly spread from a club/restaurant adjacent to a motel. Thirteen other firefighters were injured, two seriously.

The restaurant had previously been cited over the condition of its grease-traps.

31 May 2013 by ABCNews.

* * * *

3 Storm Chasers Killed by Tornado: ... June 3, 2013.

At least 13 people were killed and over 120 injured when violent tornados hit central Oklahoma.

Among those killed were a mother and baby, and three tornado experts who had featured on Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" series.

The trio of storm cashers were father and son Tim (55) and Paul (24) Samara, and Carl Young (45). Debris from their mangled vehicle was scattered over 1 kilometre. One body was found in the wreckage while the other two were found one kilometre away in either direction.

Uploaded June 3rd 2013 by ABCNews:

* * * *

Over 1,000 Feared Dead in Indian Floods: ... June 21, 2013.

THe heaviest monsoonal rains seen for many decades have lashed the Uttarakhand region in northern India.

Over 1,000 people were feared dead and 14,000 people were reported missing, while another 50,000 were stranded and cut-off.

Over 25,000 soldiers and 24 helicopters have been despatched to assist rescue efforts.

Uploaded June 21 2013 by CNN.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... June.

Texting Girl Dies on First Solo Drive: ... May 15, 2013.

A young girl in Missouri, USA has been killed on her very first solo drive.

Savannah Nash, who had turned 16 one week earlier, was on her way to buy groceries at the local store for her family's dinner when she smashed into a semi-trailer.

Police at the accident scene found a lengthy unsent text message on her mobile and believe the girl had been texting while driving when she crashed.

18 May 2013 by KCTV.

* * * *

Bangladesh Building Collapse Claims Over 1,0000 Lives: ... May 10, 2013.

An eight-storey garment factory complex which collapsed April 24th has claimed 1,038 lives to date. Another 2,500 workers were rescued from the industrial area 30 kms out of Dhaka, many suffering serious injuries.

The tragedy was apparently caused when generators were started up during a blackout. The owners have been accused of using shoddy building materials, safety and building violations, and not obtaining necessary clearances. It seems cracks had appeared in the building the day before.

The architect who designed the building said it had not been designed to house factories using heavy machinery and that "We designed a six-storey building... There was no way the building was designed to be extended to 9 or 10 floors".

Bangladesh earns 80 percent of its income from its 5,000 garment factories and is the second largest apparel exporter after China.

The tragedy is the world's worst industrial accident since the Bhopal (India) toxic-gas leak in 1984 which killed up to 3,787 according to eventual official estimates, but which others claim ended up causing up to 16,000 gas-related deaths (ref: Wikipedia).

Published May 10th 2013 by IBTimesUK:

* * * *

World's Largest $45 Million ATM Heist: ... April 21, 2013.

Computer hackers have gained access to the databases of two Middle eastern Banks targeting pre-paid debit cards.

Bogus magnetic-swipe cards were then distributed all around the globe as gangs of operatives fanned out and raided ATMs filling back-packs and suitcases with cash.

Authorities say outmoded magnetic-swipe card technology (mainly now replaced with built-in chips) and inadequate bank security and screening are partly to blame.

However, two Indian IT firms have also come under fire as questions are once again raised about security breaches caused by outsourcing sensitive bank data. Three security breaches have occurred so far earlier this year involving Indian IT firms including incidents at major world banks HSBC and Standard Chartered.

Uploaded May 14 2013 by IBNLive.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

Mexican Gas Tanker Explodes Killing Over 20: ... May 8, 2013.

A double-tanker carrying natural gas has exploded on a highway in a suburb of Mexico City killing at least 20 people and injuring dozens more.

It is thought the second tank became detached from the rig which initiated the catastrophe.

Uploaded May 8 2013 IBTimesUK.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... May.

Rabies Kills Kidney Transplant Recipient: ... March 15, 2013.

A kidney recipient in Maryland, USA has died from Rabies more than one year after the transplant operation.

Three other recipients who also received organs from the same donor are being treated for possible Rabies.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) confirmed that tests for Rabies hadn't been carried out on the donor as the disease is rare. On average only 3 cases are reported each year in the USA.

Transplant recipients had received heart, liver and kidneys from the donor who died after contracting racoon Rabies.

The CDC stressed the benefits of organ transplants "generally outweigh the risks".

Published on 15 Mar 2013 by CNN.

* * * *

Over 200 Perish in China Earthquake: ... April 20, 2013.

An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has killed over 200 people, injured over 11,000 and left tens of thousands homeless in China's south-western Sichuan province.

The quake struck at 8.00 am and sent panicked residents rushing from swaying and crumbling buildings out into the streets.

The earthquake occurred on a known fault-line only 240 kms from Wenchuan county where a quake in May 2008 left 87,000 people dead or missing.

30,000 tents have been despatched to the area where 90 per cent of the buildings have been damaged, villages have been left isolated due to landslides, and drinking water is in short supply. Cracks have also been found in three reservoirs in the area.

A 68 year old woman who lost her home and suffered a broken arm said "It was as if the mountain was alive" (BBC News).

Published on 20 Apr 2013 by Channel4News:

* * * *

5 Snowboarders Die in Avalanche ... April 21, 2013.

5 snowboarders have been killed in an avalanche near Loveland Pass, 60 miles east of Denver, USA.

One of the group survived and raised the alarm. The others were buried under 8 feet of snow as an avalanche 200 yards wide and 400 yards long swept over them.

Another snowboarder was killed in an avalanche on Vail Pass several days earlier.

The worst tragedy occurred in 1962 when 7 people were killed by an avalanche near Twin Lakes.

Uploaded 20 Apr 2013 by 7NewsDenver.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

Septic Shock Fatality After Tattoo: ... April 22, 2013.

A 23 year old woman in Milan, Italy has died hours after getting a another tattoo on her back.

The healthy, attractive student started shivering and developing pins and needles in her feet and hands the following morning. Her condition quickly deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital by her family.

She began haemorrhaging soon after admittance and died the following day. Medical staff suspect the young woman may have had an allergic reaction to the ink.

Police examined the tattoo parlour but found no evidence of unhygienic practices. A Milan prosecutor has ordered an autopsy and opened a manslaughter investigation.

Septic Shock death after Tattoo.

TheYoungTurks.... Face tattoo after first date (this is truly awful).
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... April.

Hot-air Balloon Crash Kills 19: ... February 26, 2013.

A hot-air balloon carrying 20 tourists has caught fire, exploded and plunged to earth killing 19 over the temple city of Luxor, Egypt.

A witness said the fire broke out 40 feet from the ground as the balloon was coming down to land. It seems the pilot jumped out without turning off the gas valve. One passenger also managed to scramble out before the lightened, burning balloon soared 1,000 feet up into the sky before exploding.

The victims included 9 tourists from Hong Kong, Japanese, French, Hungarian, and Egyptians.

A member of Luxor's Tourism Chamber blamed negligent civil aviation safety authorities saying "These people are not doing their job... they are not checking the balloons and they just issue the licences without inspection".

Published on 26 Feb 2013 2013 by ABCNews.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

Las Vegas Shooting Leaves 3 Dead: ... February 21, 2013.

Aspiring rapper Kenny Clutch was shot and killed by the driver of a black Range Rover as he drove his Maserati along the Las Vegas Strip at 4:30 am in the morning.

Tragically, the Maserati then slammed into a taxi which exploded incinerating the 62 year old driver and passenger. Several other vehicles were damaged and bystanders injured.

The incident apparently resulted from an argument in the valet lot of the Aria Hotel a block away.

Uploaded on Feb 21 2013 by CNN:
A shooting on Las Vegas' glitter strip has left three people dead and several others injured.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

TEEJ and KENNY CLUTCH (Youtube Video + Maserati) - STAY SCHEMIN

* * * *

7 Marines Killed In Training Exercise ... March 19, 2013.

A night-time training exercise went horribly wrong when a mortar round exploded in the firing tube.

7 marines were killed and another eight wounded.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the tragedy was a result of human error or an equipment malfunction. A blanket suspension of the 60mm mortars has been imposed.

Published on 20 March 2013 by ABCNews.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

Great White Sharks Tear Swimmer To Pieces: ... February 28, 2013.

A 46 New Zealand film director was attacked by a 14 foot long Great White Shark off Muriwai Beach near Auckland, New Zealand.

A rock-fishing witness described how:
"All of a sudden we saw the shark fin and, next minute 'boom' attack him... then blood everywhere on the water. He was still alive... he put his head up, we called him to swim over to the rock where we were.
He raised his hand up, and then while he was raising his hand up we saw another attack pull him under. We saw about like 3 sharks, all over him, rolling him around. He came back up, his head was on the water... then we knew he was already dead."

It took nearly half an hour for rescuers to recover the body from the circling sharks, firing shots repeatedly from the rescue helicopter and lifeguard's boat.

Published on 28 Feb 2013 by GlobalToronto.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... March.

Carbon Monoxide Deaths In Snow: ... February 9, 2013.

An 11 year-old Boston boy has died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside a car trapped in snow from massive blizzard "Nemo" which blanketed the U.S. northeast.

His father had told him to stay in the vehicle with the motor running to keep warm as he tried to shovel snow away from around the car.

Unfortunately, the car's tail-pipe was blocked with snow forcing the fumes back into the interior of the vehicle.

Upon realising what had happened, the father desperately tried to revive his son, but suffered a respiratory arrest himself and was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Boston police reported another man in his early 20's was also found dead in his car, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning, along with at least 7 other deaths caused by the storm.

Published 9 February 2013 by WCVBtv.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

6 Spanish Tourists Raped In Mexico: ... February 5, 2013.

Six armed, masked gunmen burst into a bungalow on Acapulco's "Enchanted Beach" in the middle of the night and raped 6 female Spanish tourists after tying them up with their own bikinis.

The 6 male partners of the tourists (whose nationality were not disclosed) were also beaten and tied up. A female Mexican present was not attacked.

The attackers made off with laptops, cash and other valuables.

Published on 6 Feb 2013... ctvNews:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills Over 240: ... January 27, 2013.

A fire has swept through a nightclub packed with 2,000 young revellers leaving over 240 dead and dozens fighting for their lives in hospital.

It is thought the blaze was started by a flare or the pyrotechnics used by the band as part of their show.

Most victims inhaled toxic fumes, such as cyanide, and were prevented from escaping as most exits were blocked. It seems some bouncers were initially unaware of the fire and more worried about patrons trying to leave without paying their drink tabs.

The owners of the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, southern Brazil, are being investigated for safety violations such as faulty fire extinguishers and exit signs, illegal indoor use of flares and pyrotechnics, blocked exits, and expired operating permits.

Published on 27 Jan 2013 by CNN.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

17 Mexican Musicians Murdered: ... Jan 29, 2013.

18 members of Mexican musical band Kombo Kolombia disappeared after playing at a small bar in Hidalgo, northern Mexico about 140 miles from Laredo, Texas.

A surviving member alerted police who later found their bodies in a remote well. The 17 others had been blindfolded and shot dead, with some showing signs of torture.

They join a growing list of musicians who have been murdered by warring drug cartels who single out those that play music and lyrics celebrating the exploits of their rivals or denigrating their own exploits, or those who perform at the functions of their rivals.

Published on 1 Feb 2013 by BBCWORLDNEWS26.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

17 Mexican Musicians Kidnapped, Shot, Dumped Into Well.
MailOnline.... January 29 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... February.

Dog-bite Woman Loses Legs & Fingers: ... January 20, 2013.

A 48 year old woman is in intensive care in Texas' Austin hospital after a dog-bite caused a rare bacterial infection.

It happened when she tried to break up a fight between 2 family dogs.

The bacteria (Capnocytophaga canimorsus) is normally found in around 1/3 of all healthy dogs and cats. It is not normally dangerous unless there is some under-lying pre-existing condition. In this case the bite resulted in a massive, life-threatening sepsis which resulted in the patient losing both legs and all her fingers (which had suddenly turned black).

The woman was unemployed and uninsured. A website has been set up to raise funds for her medical expenses.

Published 20 Jan 2013 by abcNEWS.
Robin Sullins, a dog lover and mother of four, was bitten while intervening in a scuffle between two family dogs on Christmas day.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

Acid Attack On Bolshoi Ballet Director: ... January 17, 2013.

Sulphuric Acid was thrown into the face of Bolshoi Ballet's artistic director, 42 year old Sergei Filin, by a masked assailant.

The renowned ballet dancer, who was appointed in 2011, suffered 3rd degree burns to his face and may lose sight in one or both eyes.

Intrigue and bitter infighting have plagued the Bolshoi over recent years with the departure of several artistic directors and a number of dancers.

Filin had been the target of violent threats, tire slashing, and email hacking in the months leading up to the attack.

Published on 18 Jan 2013... CNN's Phil Black reports:
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

16 Health Workers Killed Pakistan: ... January 1, 2013.

UNICEF and the World Health Organisation have suspended their polio vaccination programs in Pakistan following the killing of 16 health workers in the past two months by Taliban militants.

The Taliban believe the polio vaccination program is really a Western plot to sterilise and spy on Muslims.

They claim the American CIA used a local vaccination team in their hunt for Osama bin Laden leading up to the commando raid that killed him in May 2011 (by attempting to obtain DNA proof).

Published on 1 Jan 2013 by NTDTV.
Gunmen ambush and shoot dead six Pakistani women aid workers and a male doctor, according to police.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

* * * *

3 Women Assassinated in Paris: ... Jan 10, 2013.

Three women were executed in the Kurdish Centre in the heart of Paris' commercial district while working Wednesday evening.

Two had been shot in the back of the head, the other in the face and chest. All were activists involved in the Kurdish quest for autonomy from Turkey.

Fellow activists, who went to the office when the victims failed to answer their mobile phones, found blood on the locked front doors and alerted police. The bodies were found in a blood-splattered office that showed no sign of forced entry. It is thought a pistol with a silencer was used.

It seems the women knew their political activities made them potential targets... they always made sure they were never alone at the centre, and one used an alias to avoid identification.

Published on 10 Jan 2013 by BBCW.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Bad Luck Stories 2013... January.

Man Pushed Under NY Subway Train: ... December 5, 2012 The Sunday Times.

Police have arrested a 30 year old homeless drifter who allegedly pushed a 58 year old Korean immigrant to his death under a Manhattan subway train.

The two men were seen on CCTV having an altercation moments before.

A reporter for New York Post happened to be there and snapped several photos of the doomed man as he frantically tried to clamber up off the tracks. He was later criticised for not rushing to help the victim instead of capturing his final seconds alive.

Other on-lookers were also criticised for being too preoccupied filming the tragedy on their mobile phones instead of trying to help. Social media decried them as "frozen zombies"... accusing them of "obscene indifference to human life and decency".

Published 5 Dec 2012 by MrViralNews.
Man Pushed In Front of Subway Train Dies - Suspect Arrested.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

Published 5 Dec 2012 by hi5ViralNews.
Man Pushed In Front of Subway Train - NY Post Photographer Defends Himself: 'There Is No Way I Could Have Rescued' Subway Victim.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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Train Cuts School Bus in Half Killing 51: ... November 17, 2012

A bus laden with school children was demolished on a rail crossing when hit by a speeding train 320 km south of Cairo, Egypt.

The remains of the bus were pushed a kilometre down the track with "bodies torn apart and pieces everywhere". Strewn amongst the wreckage were the school bags, books, and clothing of the 51 young victims. Over a dozen surviving children, many with severed limbs, were rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

The boom-gate operator has been taken into custody. It seems he had fallen asleep and left the crossing gate open.

Published on Nov 17, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish.
Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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5 Teens Killed in Fiery Car Smash: ... December 8, 2012.

Five young people were sitting in a broken down car in the break-down lane on the side of a busy highway awaiting tow truck assistance.

On board were 3 teenagers aged 16, 17, 18 and two 20 year old parents.

One of their mothers in an accompanying car (who had gone for help) phoned back to be told by her son "were just chilling... how far away is the tow truck?"

Minutes later another car, driven by an 18 year old, smashed into the rear of their vehicle pushing it 30 metres down the road and turning it into a fire-ball.

Only the 16 year old managed to scramble through the shattered windshield and survive the holocaust.

ABC News, Dec 10 2012.
Ten dead in 2 horrific car smashes... "road carnage beyond possible belief".

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2nd Worst Gun Massacre in US History: ... December 14, 2012.

A 20 year old man rampaged through the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown in the US state of Connecticut killing 20 young children and 6 teachers before killing himself. Some children were shot as many as 11 times.

The shooter had earlier killed his mother at home in her bed (she was a teacher at the school and normally taught that class).

The weapons used were a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster AR-15 rifle with ammunition designed to ensure "the energy is deposited in the tissue so the bullet stays in" causing maximum damage; a 10mm Glock and a 9mm SIG Sauer... both automatic handguns. The killer wore military-style gear including bullet proof vest, and fired off up to 100 rounds.

The tragedy was the second deadliest school shooting after the Virginia Tech massacre which occurred in 2007 and claimed 33 lives.

"There have been 70 mass shootings in the US since 1982, 45% of them since 2007. There have been 15 in 2012 alone"... "The US has the highest rate of gun ownership and deaths in the developed world, with as many as 9,000 people every year murdered or accidentally killed by gunshot" (ref: The Australian Dec 17, 2012).

Published on 14 Dec 2012 by RussiaToday.
2nd Worst Massacre in US history: Dozens killed, most victims aged 5-10.

Bad Luck Stories 2013.

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