Good Luck Stories 2011 Archive.

Good Luck Stories 2011 is an archive of some of the most incredible escapes from accidents, catastrophes, and life threatening situations.

We all of us need to be constantly alert, aware, and well informed of the potential risks and dangers that exist in the world around us. We owe it to ourselves and our families.

But no matter how safety and security conscious you try to be, there may still be times you find yourself in harm's way. If the "Fickle Finger of Fate" lands you in a dangerous situation... that's when ounce of luck could make a ton of difference.

Good Luck Stories 2011... December.

Text-book Boeing Jet Belly-landing: November 2nd 2011.

Polish pilot Tadeusz Wrona, with 20 years experience in Boeings, performed a text-book "belly-landing" after the 767's landing gear failed to operate.

The LOT flight from Newark, New Jersey to Warsaw was carrying 220 passengers and 11 crew.

A passenger described how "I started to cry, and the men around me were also crying... I thought that was the end".

Polish President promised to award the pilot a state decoration.

* * * *

Cliff Collapse Leaves Caravans Hanging: November 1st 2011.

Fifteen caravan owners at Porthkerry Leisure Park in Wales have had a very lucky escape after a huge cliff collapse left their vans hanging over the edge.

The rock-fall, caused by coastal erosion, occurred about 10.00pm at night. Only one caravan was occupied at the time as the holiday season was over.

The occupant, a 30 year-old woman, had been staying there in preparation for her wedding reception (for 200 guests) in the park's nearby Ocean Lounge at the weekend. The "petrified" woman was helped from the van saying it sounded like "fireworks going off".

* * * *

Pilot Survives Helicopter Crash: November 23rd 2011.

A helicopter has clipped cables and crashed while helping to erect a giant Christmas tree in Auckland, New Zealand.

The helicopter's tail snapped off before it plummeted to the ground and disintegrated.

Miraculously the pilot walked away uninjured.

Good Luck Stories 2011... November.

Jumper Survives 900ft Fall Off Bridge: October 15th 2011.
27 year old Christopher Brewer cheated death after BASE jumping off the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia as part of their annual Bridge Day celebration.

Brewer hit the water at 80mph (129kmph) after his parachute failed to open properly, saved only because he was also wearing a wing-suit.

He fractured his pelvis and sustained spinal and lung injuries. Another jumper was also seriously hurt that same day.

* * * *

Lucky Guy...Shame About The Bike: October 2010... China.

Good Luck Stories... September 2011.

Chicago Man Survives Sinkhole: CNN August 22nd 2011.

A 65 year old man's SUV was swallowed up when the street collapsed under his vehicle.

The SUV ended up on its roof 15 feet down and and quickly began filling with water. Lucky Sam Khim managed to scramble out with minor injuries.

The sinkhole was caused when a decades-old brick water main burst.

* * * *

Woman saved by refrigerator after house explodes due to suspected gas leak: August 18th 2011.

"I'm lucky to be alive. An angel was looking over me".

Good Luck Stories... August 2011.

Bomb disposal expert's lucky escape in Thailand's troubled south:

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