Great Depression 1929 to 1939
Revealed In Old Movies.

The Great Depression 1929 to 1939 is graphically captured in old movie footage shot at the time.

These old black and white films record history for the generations coming afterwards and show vividly the misery and hardship a world wide economic collapse unleashes.

The expressions of fear and panic on the faces of investors; the expressions of hopelessness and despair etched into the faces of out-of-work men; the looks of sadness and desperation of mothers trying to protect their families... all show graphically just how hard it was to get by during this great global upheaval. An upheaval that would ultimately push the world into World War II.

History Captured On Celluloid.

Stories from the Great Depression...

... "Americans from coast to coast, weary of economic hardship were willing to take the freshly minted President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) at his word. He offered them hope... which was all that many people had left."

Great Depression 1929.

Rioting Across America...

... "5,000 are in the milling mob, outnumbering the police 10 to 1. A duel beginning in hand to hand fighting in which one deputy was beaten to death and scores were injured."

Great Depression 1929.

The Roaring Twenties...

The sad fact was that very many people were caught totally unawares and totally unprepared for the Economic Catastrophe that befell their generation... just as history tells us happened to some of their ancestors in the past before them.

Most people weren't moved to action until it was too late.

In the 1929 Great Depression when someone tried to off-load real estate or shares there often weren't any buyers... at any price.

When someone lost a job it proved almost impossible to find another quickly.

As banks failed and stocks became worthless it became extremely difficult to preserve wealth and assets.

Let's just hope that the old saying "the best way to predict the future is to look into the past" doesn't hold true.

The Death of the Roaring Twenties...

..."Then the bubble burst... 'Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?'... The sidewalks are ripped out and used for fuel... With no one buying, farmers are forced to destroy their own produce."

Unfortunately you may need to go to a new window for this video.... but it's worth seeing.

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