Top 10 List Of Serial
Killers Not Acting Alone.

This list of serial killers who had accomplices to help them with at least some of their despicable crimes shows the darker side of humanity, and makes you just shake your head in disbelief at what some humans are capable of.

Top 10 List of Serial Killers...not acting alone.

  1. Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole:... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where:Murdered in 28 states of the U.S.A.
    When:1961 - 1983.
    How: Both started killing alone. Lucas first killed at age 15, Toole at 14.
    They met in 1976, developed a sexual relationship and embarked on a cross-country killing spree together.
    Victims: Lucas confessed to being involved in over 600 murders. In 1985 "The duo helped police recover the bodies of 246 missing people and confessed to or implicated themselves in a further 520 murders". (Ref: Wikipedia).
    Sentence: Both died in prison...Lucas in 2001 of heart failure, Toole in 1996 of liver failure.

  2. Elizabeth Bathory... "The Blood Countess":... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: Hungary, Europe.
    When: 1590 - 1610.
    How: Lured young girls with offers of well paid jobs as maid-servants at Csejte Castle, then starved, tortured and mutilated them (with the help of 4 employees).
    Rumors circulated that she'd bathe in the blood of virgins to retain her youth.
    Victims: confirmed 80, possibly over 650.
    Sentence: Her noble status prevented execution. She was bricked up in rooms of Csejte in 1610 and died 4 years later.
    2 of her female accomplices were burnt at the stake, another beheaded.

  3. Thug Behram... Thuggee Cult Member:... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    When: 1790 -1840.
    How: Strangled victims with his cummerband (which had a large medallion sewn in the middle to help crush the wind pipe).
    Victims: Confessed to 125, present at 150-800 other murders.
    Sentence: Hanged in 1840.

  4. Guilia Tofana, Girolama Spera, Tofania d'Adamo:... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: Italy... Rome, Naples, Palermo.
    When: 1633 - 1651.
    How: Sold poison to women with abusive husbands.
    Victims: Over 600, mainly men.
    Sentence: All 3 women poisoners were hanged.

  5. Gilles de Rais... "Bluebeard":... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: Brittany, France.
    When: 1432 - 1440.
    How: After a distinguished military career, Gilles de Rais (a companion in arms of Joan of Arc) recklessly spent his amassed fortune, dabbled in black magic and the occult.
    Finally, degenerating into a monstrous sexual predator, he resorted to snatching young boys and girls (with the help of aids), subjecting them to sodomy, torture and gross mutilation.
    Victims: Convicted of 80, possibly well over 200... some say over 500.
    Sentence: Hanged in Nantes in 1440.

  6. Delfina & Maria de Jesus Gonzalez... "the Bordello from Hell":... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where:San Pancho, Guanajuato, Mexico.
    When:1950 - 1964.
    How: The sisters ran several brothels including the infamous Rancho El Angel, later called "The Bordello from Hell".
    Aided by 2 other sisters they abducted young girls or tricked them into working at the bordello where they were imprisoned, mistreated, and turned into drug-addicted prostitutes.

    When girls became too ill to work they were murdered. Some fell pregnant and had fetuses aborted. 11 male customers were murdered for their cash or valuables. 20 skeletons were discovered in a nearby pit in 2002 and are also thought to be victims of the killer sisters.
    Victims: Over 111.
    Sentence: 40 years in jail. Two sisters died in prison... Delfina when a worker dropped a bucket of cement on her head; Maria Luisa of illness. Maria de Jesus was later released, but no one knows when or why.

  7. Randy Steven Kraft... "1 of 3 Freeway Killers":... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: California, U.S.A.
    When: 1971 - 1983.
    How: Kraft was a highly intelligent gay man who embarked on a killing spree of young men and boys whom he tortured and sexually abused.

    Many were given alcohol and tranquillizer's before being shot in the head or strangled. Some bodies had the head, ears, nipples or genitals hacked or bitten off.

    Police discovered Kraft kept a cryptic coded "scorecard" of 61 of his victims. However, one of his possible accomplices (police believe there may have been several) is reported to have said the list contained only the "more memorable" murders and the true total was more like 100.
    Victims: 16 confirmed, suspected of 51 - 100.
    Sentence: Sentenced to death... currently on Death Row in San Quentin jail.

    Unbelievably, there were 2 other "Freeway Killers" around about this time:

    1. Patrick Kearney killed 35+ young men on Californian freeways from 1965-1977... was given 21 life sentences.

    2. William Bonin also killed up to 36 young men and boys (often hitch-hiking Californian freeways) from 1979-1980. Apart from the usual torture, mutilation, etc, his favorite trick was an ice-pick in the ear... Bonin was executed in 1996 by lethal injection.

  8. Donald Henry Gaskins... "Pee Wee".... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: Carolina, U.S.A.
    When: 1953 - 1982.
    How: This 5' 4" killer made up for his lack of height with violence to earn the title of "The Meanest Man in America".

    He torture, mutilated, and sometimes cannibalized hitch-hikers on America's Southern coastal highways confessing to "eighty to ninety Coastal Kills".

    Other "Serious Murders" were executions carried out for personal reasons, usually by shooting. This included people who owed him money, had mocked him, cheated him, or upset him (like his 15 year old niece and her 17 year old girlfriend that he'd tried to sexually assault), or victims he was hired as a "hit-man" to kill.

    Gaskin also killed 2 fellow prisoners while in jail... he slashed the throat of one, and blew off another's head with C-4 explosive (he was hired for this "hit" by someone outside the jail).

    Victims: 9 proven, confessed to 100 - 110.
    Sentence: Died in the electric chair in 1991.

  9. Javed Iqbal:... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: Lahore, Pakistan.
    When: 1980's - 1999.
    How: Young boys aged 6 - 16 were taken off the streets, sexually abused, strangled, dismembered and placed into a vat of acid. Iqbal kept a diary of the murders, with victims names and ages, as well as bundles of shoes and clothing, and photographs of the victims.
    Victims: Confessed to 100.
    Sentence: Iqbal was initially sentenced to "be strangled in front of the parents whose children you killed. your body will be cut into 100 pieces and put in acid, the same way you killed the children".
    This sentence was quickly declared by the Council of Islamic Ideology to contravene Islamic teaching. In any case... Iqbal and 1 accomplice were found poisoned in their cells in an apparent suicide in 2001.
    Of his 3 teenage accomplices, 2 were sentenced to death, the third to 42 years in jail.

  10. Maria Swanenburg... "Goede Mie":... on the list of serial killers not acting alone.

    Where: Leiden, Netherlands.
    When: 1880 - 1883.
    How: An arsenic poisoner who killed many of her victims for their health insurance or inheritances... she also killed her own parents.
    Victims: 27 confirmed, suspected 90+.
    Sentence: Life imprisonment... died 1915.
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