Medical Mass Murderers...
The Top 10 Worst.

Medical Mass Murderers are often difficult to detect, and in some cases impossible to detect. But the affect of health professionals abusing the Hippocratic Oath (to act ethically) can be deadly to their patients.

Top 10 Medical Mass Murderers.

  1. Amelia Dyer...Nurse in Victorian Era:

    Where: Bristol, England.
    When: 1870 -1896.
    How: One of the most callous mass murderers ever, Dyer promised to take care of and adopt-out illegitimate babies "baby farming" for a fee of 5-10 Pounds. Instead she mistreated and killed the infants and kept the money.
    (In Victorian England fathers of illegitimate children had no financial obligation, and the stigma and financial burden on unmarried mothers was unbearable).
    Victims: Most likely over 400.
    Sentence: Hanged in 1896... final words "I have nothing to say."

  2. "Dr.Henry Holmes"...real name Herman Mudgett.

    Where: Chicago, U.S.A.
    When: 1888 - 1894.
    How: Holmes was a real monster among medical mass murderers. Graduating as a M.D. in 1884 he went on to kill many women (whom he had sex with then tortured and murdered), but also killed old women, children and men for financial gain.

    He sold victim's body parts to medical schools, killed lovers and people in Life Insurance scams, swindled in business and real estate, was a serial bigamist... anything that brought a buck, he did it.

    Best known for his "Murder Castle", a huge, 3-storey hotel with a maze of over 100 windowless rooms, passages and secret tunnels which he built near the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Countless lovers and guests vanished in that hotel. Police uncovered soundproof rooms where victims were gassed, poisoned, tortured and murdered before being disposed of by being dismembered, cremated or placed in lime pits or acid.
    Victims: Confessed to 27, more likely 200 - 350+.
    Sentence: Hanged in 1896.

  3. Dr. Harold Shipman:

    Where: Hyde, England.
    When: 1971 - 1998.
    How: One of the U.K.'s worst medical mass murderers, Shipman injected his patients with Diamorphine (heroin)... they were mainly older women.
    Victims: 15 murders proven... suspected of 250+.
    Sentence: Life imprisonment... hung himself 2004.

  4. Julia Fazekas & Susi Olah... "The Witches or Angelmakers of Nagyrev":

    Where: Nagyrev, Hungary.
    When: 1911 - 1929.
    How: The local mid-wife, Fazekas performed illegal abortions and was the only one in the village with any medical knowledge. She and partner Susi supplied arsenic to almost three dozen women and one man (a kind of mass murderers club), who then poisoned husbands, lovers, children, and problematic friends or family.

    World War I had devastated the region. Many local men had been sent to the battle-front, and Allied prisoners-of-war had been brought in to work the fields in their place.

    When the local men returned they found wives had been having affairs with prisoners; some were pregnant or with illegitimate, newborn children. The result was a lot of mighty unhappy people and strife... fertile ground for arsenic murderers.
    Victims: 50 confirmed, probably over 300.
    Sentence: Fazekas committed suicide with arsenic when police closed in... 2 other women were executed and 12 imprisoned.

  5. Lainz Angels of Death... Nurses Wagner, Leidolf, Meyer, Gruber:

    Where: Lainz General Hospital, Vienna, Austria.
    When: 1983 - 1989.
    How: 23 year old Wagner was first to kill a patient with a morphine overdose. She soon recruited Guber (19), Leidolf (21), and Meyer (43) as accomplice mass murderers.

    They murdered many elderly victims by pinching their noses and pouring water down their mouth to drown (fluid in the lungs not raising suspicion in debilitated elderly patients).
    Victims: Confessed to 49, suspected of over 200.
    Sentence: Life imprisonment for Wagner and Leidolf... 15 years for Meyer and Gruber.

  6. Miyuki Ishikawa... "The Demon Midwife":

    Where: Miyazaki, Japan.
    When: 1944 - 1948.
    How: As director of Kotobuki Maternity Hospital she carried out infanticide on a large scale. At that time Japan had a lack of adequate social or charitable services to care for unwanted newborn and abortion was illegal.
    Ishikawa initially allowed the babies of poor parents to die through neglect, but later began soliciting hefty fees from parents to dispose of unwanted babies.
    Victims: Confirmed 103, around 169.
    Sentence: 4 years in jail... one of the lightest sentences ever received by mass murderers.

  7. John Bodkin Adams... "Wealthiest GP in UK":

    Where: Eastbourne, Britain.
    When: 1930's - 1956.
    How: Used "special injections" a lot but never kept proper records of the type and quantity of drugs used, and always told nurses to leave the room before administering them.
    Adams had a poor reputation among his medical peers, and was described as a "a real scrounger". The implication was that he was totally dishonest and conniving, and was often described as arrogant. By 1956 it was said that Adams "was probably the wealthiest GP in England"... much of that wealth came from from property and inheritances obtained from dead patients.
    Victims: Suspected over 163.
    Sentence: Never convicted due to botched legal processes.
    Some say at the time the British Medical Assoc. didn't appreciate police investigating one of their own and made things difficult for police. There were also rumors of a cover-up to hide homosexual relationship between "a police officer, a magistrate, and a doctor (the latter directly implied Adams)" (ref: Wikipedia)

    * One of the luckiest mass murderers ever?

  8. Arnfinn Nesset... Nursing Home manager:

    Where: Orkdal Valley Nursing Home, Norway.
    When: 1970's - 1983.
    How: As manager of the nursing home,Nesset claimed the multiple deaths were "mercy killings", however, prosecutors claimed he killed for the thrill of it. He administered the poison Curacit (a derivative of muscle relaxant Curare).
    Victims: Convicted of 22, later admitted to 138.
    Sentence: 21 years in jail (maximum allowed under Norwegian law).

  9. Orville Lynn Majors... Male Nurse:

    Where: Indiana, U.S.A.
    When: 1993 - 1995.
    How: Majors used injections of potassium chloride to dispose of "patients who were demanding, whiny, or disproportionately added to his work load" (ref: Wikipedia).
    Victims: Convicted of 6, suspected of 130.
    Sentence: Sentenced to 360 years in prison.

  10. Jane Toppan... "The Angel of Death":

    Where: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    When: 1885 - 1901.
    How: This Cambridge trained nurse killed using lethal injections and faked medical charts to hide her crimes. She was a psychopath who killed patients (especially those she didn't like), often crawling into bed with them to watch as they died. She said it gave her some kind of sexual thrill and feeling of being almighty.

    But she also killed acquittances she didn't like or could benefit from. Toppan poisoned her landlords and foster sister in 1895; another elderly landlord and 2 of his daughters in 1901, and the sister of her late foster sister's husband (she poisoned him too... not to kill him, but to nurse him back to health so she could win his heart).
    Victims: Confessed to 31, probably over 100.
    Sentence: Found "not guilty" by reason of insanity... was committed for life in the Taunton Insane Hospital.

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