Mobile Phone Spy Software
Turns It Into A Bugging Device.

Mobile Phone Spy software can be installed into your phone in minutes without you knowing.

Often these spy-ware bugs are difficult or almost impossible to detect. Someone could be spying on you, listening in to your private conversations, and tracking your movements (via GPS location) without you suspecting a thing.

Mobile phone spy software can turn the target phone into a bugging device by activating the microphone, allowing an eaves dropper to listen in to the phone's environment and surroundings.

Spy Software For Bugging Mobile Phones.

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Reviews February 2013.

Mobile phone spy software sellers suggest it can be used in a number of ways:

  • For employers to check up on the conversations, call logs, GPS locations, voice mail and emails of employees.

  • For worried parents to check on the where-about's of their children... who they are talking to and emailing... their photos and videos...and who they are hanging around with.

  • People suspicious their partner is being unfaithful can use it to catch a cheating spouse and gather proof of adultery.

  • It can also be used for criminal or harmful purposes such as stealing valuable business information or banking details, sending bogus or malicious emails, black-mail, stalking a victim, etc.

The main problem with using mobile phone spy software arises if you install it on someone else's smart phone without their proper consent... then you may be breaking Federal or State Laws.

Types Of Mobile Phone Spy Software.

There are a number of different products on the market. Anyone thinking of using mobile phone spy software needs to ask the following questions before handing over any money:

1. How Trustworthy Is The Supplier?

Not all products have a full range of features. You need to compare them all carefully to ensure they'll meet your needs.

Don't Take Every Supplier's Promises For Granted. Some give erroneous information about legal issues. Others don't provide adequate customer support (e.g either via their website, live chat, email, SMS or phone support). Some don't honor basic consumer rights or money back guarantees.

The Spy Software May Not Work On All Phones. The software may not be compatible with all makes and models of phones. The variation in phone makes and models used in different countries may also complicate things. And some products actually require getting the target phone to accept the software... really?

2.How easy is it to install?

The target phone has to be in your hands for the installation, it can't usually be done remotely. That means installation must be quick and easy so it can be carried out discretely. Getting caught doing it might prove more than a bit embarrassing with serious consequences in some cases.

travel safety iphone

The better spy-ware can be downloaded directly from the Internet in 5 to 10 minutes depending on ease of installation.

Other products may require a computer to install the spy-ware, and the serial number of the target phone before purchase and down-load. Some are not user friendly if you are not tech-savvy. Others don't allow the activation code to be transferred to a different monitor phone.

3.Will The Spy-Ware Be Undetectable?

Not all mobile phone spy software applications are totally invisible.

Instead, the spyware can sometimes be detected in the Application Manager and removed. Another problem is some spyware may interfere with the target phone's existing applications or other new software thus alerting the target that something is wrong with the device.

4.Running Expenses Of Spyware.

The cost of data transfer by spyware is usually charged to the target phone.

This can either be via SMS or GPRS (General Packet Radio Service on 2G and 3G cellular communication systems).

SMS can end up being expensive, pushing up the bill on the target phone (especially with international roaming). Worse still, suspicious charges can show up on the bill and alert the target to all the extra data being generated and extracted.

GPRS delivery is cheaper and the delivery URLs won't show on the phone bill.

5.Mobile Phone Spy Ware Should:

  • ... be undetectable.

  • ... be powerful and reliable.

  • ... allow the microphone on the target phone to be activated (even if it's powered-off).

  • ... allow access to the target phone's address book to help identify phone and email contacts.

  • ... allow GPS and cell ID location logging.

  • ... provide full remote control of data collection from the target phone, including times (e.g. when target phone is not being used), and mode of transmission (i.e. SMS versus GPRS)... to minimize the chances of detection and suspiciously high bills.


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