Good Luck Stories 2014 Archive.

Good Luck Stories 2014 is an archive of some of the most unbelievable narrow escapes from catastrophes, accidents, and life threatening situations.

We never quite know what life will throw at us next... whether fate, destiny, or God's will, whatever you want to call it... will be kind to us or cruel.

But what you should always do is be alert and aware of the risk and dangers that exist in the world around us. Always think about the safety and security of yourself and your family.

Even so, it doesn't hurt to have luck on your side. Remember, an ounce of good luck can make a ton of difference.

Good Luck Stories 2014... December.

Window Washers Rescued From 69th Floor: ... Nov 12, 2014.

Two windows washers were left dangling precariously for over an hour 700 feet up the side of America's tallest building when a cable malfunctioned.

100 fire-fighters worked feverishly to rescue the two men using diamond cutters to cut through the inch-thick, triple-layer glass on the 68th floor before pulling them to safety.

The 1,776 foot 104-storey skyscraper had only been opened one week. The unique design of One World Trade Center makes for a complicated window cleaning rig.

Uploaded Nov 12, 2014 by CBS New York:

* * * *

Obese American Crash-Test Dummies: ... Nov 3, 2014.

Humanetics, the Michigan manufacturer of US crash-test dummies is planning to release models that will weigh 270 pounds (120kg) rather than the current 167 pounds (75kg).

The company says the current safety standards are based on data from 1980, whereas current data reveals 35% of the adult US population (almost 80 million) are obese (ref: the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention).

Humanetics' CEO Chris O'Connor said obese car occupants are 78% more likely to die in a car crash.

Uploaded Nov 3, 2014 by NBC News:

* * * *

Exploding Lithium Batteries Endanger Aircraft: ... Nov 1, 2014.

Undeclared exploding lithium batteries have started a fire in the cargo hold of a Boeing 737 about to take off from Melbourne International Airport in Australia.

The batteries belonged to a drone-operating film media company. Airport authorities said it was only "really good luck" that a disaster was averted.

Exploding lithium batteries were blamed for the crash of a UPS Boeing 747 cargo plane in the United Arab Emirates in 2010 which killed both crew members. An intense fire 20 minutes after take off disabled the crew's oxygen system and filled the plane with smoke.

Aviation authorities are extremely concerned about a global fake label scam by lithium battery manufacturers in China. High-discharge batteries (considered the world's most dangerous) are being falsely labelled as much less powerful to get around airline security regulations.

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2014 by NBC News:

* * * *

Great White Shark Stalks Surfer: ... Oct 31, 2014.

A Great White shark has stalked a surfer for several minutes off Esperance on Western Australia's south coast as spectators watched on from the beach.

The daring young man chose not to high-tail it out of the water like all the other swimmers and surfers after the "shark alert" was sounded. Instead his luck held out and the shark eventually swam off

Another surfer wasn't so lucky ten days later when a Great White bit off both his hands and most of one arm at a nearby beach.

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2013 by World News&Everything AbouT Life:
Good Luck Stories 2014... November.

Cocaine Planted in Passenger's Luggage: ... August 22, 2014.

A female fashion student has flown from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean to JFK Airport, New York to start a new school year at FIT.

Moving into her dorm room she was shocked to open her suitcase and find 6 packages of "blow" containing 10 pounds of cocaine.

She immediately informed police who suspect that corrupt customs officials or airport workers had tried to smuggle the drugs (street value $150,000) into the U.S. but had stashed the cocaine in the wrong suitcase.

Uploaded August 22, 2014 by CapitolNewsGY:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Another Newborn Saved from Sewer: ... Sept 14, 2014.

Rescuers have taken 3 hours to rescue a newborn baby after it was flushed down the toilet of a high school dorm by its young mother.

The mother had tried to cover up her pregnancy by stuffing the baby down a sewer pipe and covering it with toilet paper, but the infant's weak cries were heard. The incident occurred in Linyi, Shandong Province China.

Uploaded Sept 19, 2014 by TomoNews US:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

"Black Sheep" Inherits Blenheim Palace UK: ... August 27, 2014.

A former heroin addict and criminal has inherited one of the grandest stately palaces in the world.

58 year-old Jamie Blandford (who was once estranged from his father) will inherit the title of 12th Duke of Marlborough now that his 88 year-old father has passed.

The 18th century palace stands on 12,000 acres and is valued at over $160 million. It contains 187 rooms and dwarfs Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and was built to reward the 1st Duke of Marlborough for his great victory over the French at Blenheim in 1704.

Jamie Blandford spent years in and out of rehab and jail during his binges on heroin and cocaine which left him broke and homeless. The "black sheep" of one of Britain's most famous aristocratic families eventually reconciled with his father... no doubt largely to avoid inheritance tax. The lack of an inheritance tax in Britain has allowed the aristocracy to preserve their great wealth, whereas in other nations like France once-great-estates have been sub-divided into extinction over the generations.

Uploaded on June 18, 2008 by Tomash:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Multiple-Partner Sex Cuts Prostate Cancer: ... Oct 30, 2014.

University of Montreal researchers have found that men who have slept with over 20 women were 28% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who have slept with just one. They were also 19% less likely to develop more aggressive prostate cancers. Meanwhile, male virgins were twice as likely to get prostate cancer as men who have slept around

They hypothesise that frequent ejaculations may reduce cancer-causing substances in the prostate.

Researchers have also found that the risk of prostate cancer in gay men who have had sex with over 20 male partners is double that of monogamous males, with aggressive cancers 500% more likely. (THE INDEPENDENT Oct 30 2014)

Uploaded on May 2, 2013 by medicalinformatics:
Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... October.

Brothel Busters Hard At Work: ... August 28, 2014.

The rapidly growing illegal brothel industry has forced local governments to resort to under-cover tactics to expose and shut down these illicit businesses.

Like the "Brothel Busters" organisation in Sydney, Australia (where the hundreds of illegal brothels outnumber the legal 3:1) which actively carries out discrete search and surveillance operations.

One 60 year-old Sydney man, formerly a taxi driver, has revealed he is employed by local councils to sleep with prostitutes using taxpayer money. His job is to expose underground brothels for a firm of private investigators (ref:

He admits to having carried out 60 "jobs" so far... 57 involved sex. "The jobs flow in, on average, once every 3 weeks. If it spreads out that way it's perfect. But there are occasions when they all arrive at once. For instance, I was given 3 jobs in the same week... and I'm not as young as I used to be."

Poor ol' fella!

Uploaded August 28, 2014 by Ideas At The House:

* * * *

Cocaine Bust in Vatican Car: ... Sept 17, 2014.

The vatican official vehicle of Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia (which carries diplomatic licence plates) was taken in for its annual service in Rome recently.

Two Italian men decided to "borrow" the vehicle for a quick trip over to Spain where they picked up 4kg of cocaine and 200gm of cannabis thinking they would avoid any border inspections because of diplomatic immunity.

Unfortunately for them, French customs officers stopped them at a toll station in Chambery for a routine check and discovered the haul after the 2 men didn't produce Vatican passports.

Uploaded Sept 17, 2014 by TomoNews US:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Rats On A Plane (not the movie): ... August 27, 2014.

An Air India Airbus A-321 flight from Calcutta to New Delhi had to be grounded and fumigated after rats were seen scurrying around the cabin.

Some media reported "scores" of the little critters but an Air India official protested there was "only one".

The Times of India quoted an unnamed official as saying... "Rats on board an aircraft can lead to a catastrophe if they start chewing up electric wires of a fly-by-wire plane... Pilots will have no control on any system on board leading to a disaster."

And this is not the first time.

In October 2013 a mother rat with 10 pups was found under a business class seat on a plane in Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport in China. And American Delta Airlines were issued with a warning letter by the FDA in April 2011 after "rodent excreta pellets too numerous to count" were found in ceiling panels and near food preparation areas.

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2013 by Wall Street Journal:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Gun Instructor's Kids Forgive: ... September 12, 2014.

The 4 children of a gun instructor accidentally killed on a gun range in Arizona have released a touching video about the incident.

Their message was to the 9 year-old girl who accidentally shot their father while being shown how to fire an Uzi sub-machinegun... "We pray for you, and we wish you peace. Our dad would have wanted the same thing".

Uploaded on Sept 12, 2014 by CNN:

Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... September.

Small Boy Fights Off Alligator: ... August 9, 2014.

A 9 year-old boy's decision to cool off in a lake in Osceola County, Florida (despite signs warning it was off limits to swimmers) almost cost him his life.

A 9 foot long alligator, weighing between 400 and 500 pounds, attacked him almost immediately. The brave lad managed to punch the gator away and escaped with around 30 bite and claw wounds. Medical staff say he will be able to go home soon if his wounds don't get infected.

It is estimated there are up to 1.3 million alligators in Florida waters.

Uploaded August 9, 2014 by ABC News:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Pilot's Artificial Arm Detaches While Landing: ... August 14, 2014.

A Flybe Dash 8 twin-engined aircraft with 47 passengers on board had a bumpier-than-normal landing at Belfast City Airport.

The heavy landing was in part due to the strong 56 mph wind gusts experienced, but also because the 46 year-old pilot's artificial arm (which was steering while his other hand was powering down) accidentally unlatched as the plane came in to land.

The incident happened so quickly the pilot didn't have time to command the co-pilot to take over. Instead he quickly moved his hand from the power levers to the steering control and landed faster and harder than intended.

Uploaded August 14, 2014 by SourceFed:

* * * *

Iron Bar Pierces Man's Head: ... August 26, 2014.

A thick iron reinforcement-rod, several feet long, has dropped onto a 50 year-old Chinese man piercing his head.

The man was helping to demolish a house when the heavy bar fell onto him entering the right side of his forehead and emerging from his left cheek.

Amazingly, Chinese doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Uploaded on August 26, 2014 by EmmY:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Suicidal Passenger Attacks Young Pilot: ... August 25, 2014.

Quick thinking by the 23 year-old pilot of a chartered, single-engined aircraft helped him survive what appears to have been a suicide attempt by his 82 year-old passenger.

The elderly passenger (a Baptist minister with 50 years flying experience) suddenly lunged, flicked off the engine switch, and seized the controls in an attempt to crash the light aircraft into the ground. The young pilot repeatedly punched the face of the passenger as they fought violently in the cockpit but somehow he managed to crash-land safely in a paddock.

The severely bruised and bloodied passenger has been charged over his apparent suicide mission. His motive is unclear... insurance payout perhaps?

Uploaded on August 25 23, 2014 by SunriseOn7:
Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... August.

Man Survives Pamploma's Running Bulls: ... July 9, 2014.

"Buffalo" Bill Hillman, co-author of "How To Survive The Bulls Of Pamploma", might need to go back and re-read his book.

The 32 year-old American was gored in the thigh by a running bull but was lucky the horns missed an artery and bone. A Spanish man next to him suffered serious injuries to his chest.

The yearly event (made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his novel "The Sun Also Rises") involves a number of events where 6 bulls are let loose to make a 850 meter dash through the cobble-stoned streets of Pamploma to the bull-ring where they will compete that day. The festival dates back to the 13th century.

15 runners have died to date, the last a young Spaniard in 2009 who was gored in the neck. Authorities have tried to discourage "reckless behaviour" (like those trying to join in after heavy drinking) by introducing fines from 600-60,000 Euros.

Uploaded July 9, 2014 by IBTimes UK:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Man Drives Off 100' Cliff & Lives: ... April 14, 2014.

A 33 year-old English man was lucky to walk away with minor injuries after his car plunged through a fence and over a 100 foot high cliff onto rocks by the sea near Brighton.

A rescuer said the man was "obviously not in a great condition, but managed to walk himself up the beach." The vehicle smashed onto the rocks below rear-end first.

Emergency services removing the Ford Focus from the rocks next morning said his survival was "miraculous".

Uploaded April 14, 2014 by BBC News:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Lucky Couple Win $207 Million: ... April 29, 2014.

A very lucky couple from Merritt Island have split half of Florida's Mega Millions $414 million jackpot.

When asked what their plans were now, the lucky lady said "I'm going to try to work still, for a little while". Her lucky partner said "We're gonna be doing a lot of investing... and of course we'll be doing some travelling".

Uploaded on April 29, 2014 by Florida Lottery:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Climber Survives Fall Into 300' Crevasse: ... May 23, 2014.

A climber in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal has survived a 70 foot fall into a deep crevasse. He landed on a ledge which stopped him falling a further 200 feet or more. The crevasse was completely hidden under a flat section of snow.

The 44 year-old Professor of Geography at Western Kentucky University suffered a broken arm, five broken ribs, 2 dislocated shoulders, and internal bleeding. His first thought was he was going to die down there and began taking a video.

Finally he managed to drag himself back to the surface (it took him 5 hours) and back to his tent. He used Facebook to send a plea for help and a helicopter came to his rescue 17 hours later.

Uploaded on May 23, 2014 by Associated Press:

Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... July.

Moving Car Struck by Lightning: ... June 6, 2014.

Lightning struck the pickup truck of a married couple driving through a storm in Canada.

They described being hit by what "sounded like a sonic boom" before their vehicle was consumed in a fireball.

The couple were trapped inside the burning vehicle (the electrical systems were destroyed by the lightning bolt) but luckily were rescued by a Royal Mounted Police Officer who was driving past at the time.

Uploaded June 6, 2014 by GeoBeats News:

* * * *

Injured Caver Rescued from Germany's Deepest Cave: ... June 19, 2014.

After 12 days trapped underground an experienced German cave explorer has been rescued from Germany's deepest cave, Riesending.

The 52 year-old man was 1 km underground in the tortuous cave complex when struck by falling rock, sustaining head and chest injuries.

Over 720 emergency and medical rescuers (202 of these below ground) finally succeeded in hauling the injured caver through the cave labyrinth on a stretcher and up to the surface.

Uploaded June 19, 2014 by Euronews:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Sudanese Christian Woman Escapes Death Sentence: ... June 23, 2014.

A 27 year-old Christian woman, sentenced to death in May by a Sudanese court for apostasy (relinquishing Islamic faith and marrying an American Sudanese Christian), has been released after an international outcry.

In Sudan children must be brought up in the father's faith. Abandoning Islam to convert to another faith is punishable by death under Sudan's 1991 penal code. In this case the woman was abandoned by her Muslim father and was raised by her Ethiopian Christian mother.

The woman was 8 months pregnant with her 2nd child when sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging. Her baby was delivered in her jail cell after she was refused temporary release.

Uploaded on June 23, 2014 by euronews:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

ChainSaw Cuts Into Man's Neck: ... April2, 2014.

A 21 year-old Pennsylvanian tree trimmer narrowly escaped death when his chainsaw "kicked back on me" and cut into his shoulder and neck, missing vital arteries by millimetres. He quickly shut down the chainsaw and climbed down with the blade stuck in his neck.

Medical staff said he was "extraordinarily lucky and very blessed" and should make a full recovery.

Uploaded on April 2, 2014 by Associated Press:
Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... June.

Plane Parachutes to Safety from 4,000': ... May 10, 2014.

4 people survived relatively unscathed after a light aircraft suffered engine failure at 4,000 feet over the Blue Mountains in Australia.

The aircraft was fitted with a huge emergency parachute (usually stored behind the rear seats) which is deployed by a rocket fired through the rear windshield.

Thousands of the emergency parachutes have been fitted to aircraft weighing up to 4,000 pounds and are credited with saving over 80 lives. The leaders in the field at the moment are the Ballistic Recovery System which is fitted to many Cirrus Design Corp light aircraft.

Uploaded May 10, 2014 by ITN:

* * * *

Double Murderer Axed from Turkish Dating Show: ... May 9, 2014.

A 62 year-old contestant on a Turkish TV dating show was axed when he revealed that he had previously killed two women.

The show's host was speechless when Sefer Calinak admitted to killing his first wife of 5 months when he was just 17 (he was released after 4 years 6 months).

She was even more shocked to hear he'd killed his second wife (who bore him 2 children) with an axe after he began an affair with another woman.

The double murder was kicked off the show despite pleading that he was now "an honest person looking for a new wife", to the applause of the audience.

Uploaded May 9, 2014 by TomoNews US:

* * * *

"Miracle" Baby Survives 11 Storey Fall: ... May 14, 2014.

A 15 month-old Somali baby boy has fallen from an 11th floor balcony and lived. Luckily he landed on garden mulch and not concrete.

The baby sustained fractured arms, backbone, ribs and a concussion. Although in a critical condition doctors, said it was "definitely a miracle " he had survived.

The building (in Minneapolis, Minnesota) was recently renovated and houses a Somali community. The building's owner said all safety requirements had been complied with.

Uploaded on May 14, 2014 by USA TODAY:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

World Cup Kicks off in Brazil: ... June 12, 2014.

The Australian Socceroos were the first team to land in Brazil on May 29th to a warm welcome (which included scores of heavily armoured riot police).

What the "Aussies" lack in experience (they're ranked last out of 32 nations) they make up for in enthusiasm. The local Brazilian news seemed more impressed by the fact that Australians drink four times as much as Brazilians... way to go Australia!

Around 500,000 soccer crazy fans are expected to attend the World Cup... 150,000 will be Americans.

Governments around the world have advised visitors to Brazil to "be particularly vigilant" and to "take extra care and avoid all large gatherings and demonstrations" (UK foreign travel advice).

Uploaded on April 8, 2014 by (UK) Foreign & Commonwealth Office:
Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... May.

Talking Parrot Fingers Owner's Murderer: ... Feb 28, 2014.

An Indian ringneck talking parrot witnessed the murder of its 55 year-old owner and her dog.

Both were stabbed to death and valuables including jewellery were stolen from the home 150km south of Delhi, India.

The woman's family grew increasingly suspicious of the victim's nephew when the parrot became visibly agitated and upset and shrieked each time he came near the cage. After arresting the nephew and an accomplice police said "We got a lot of help from the parrot".

Uploaded Feb 28, 2014 by 1OneMinuteNews:

* * * *

Stowaway Survives in Jet Undercarriage: ... April 21, 2014.

A 16 year-old boy has stowed away in the wheel-well of a jet flying across the Pacific from California to Hawaii and survived.

The stowaway lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen at 38,000 feet and endured minus 62 degrees Celsius temperatures during the 5 hour flight.

The Somali boy had run away from his home with his father after "struggling" to adjust to life in the U.S. He was trying to reach his mother in an Ethiopian refugee camp after discovering she was still alive. An official said "How he survived I don't know".

Uploaded April 21, 2014 by CNN:

* * * *

Drone Near-Misses Cause Concerns: ... April 24, 2014.

A remote-controlled drone has Canadian officials trying to track down its owner after it came dangerously close to a jet landing at Vancouver International Airport.

Regulators around the world are wondering how to tackle the problem of illegal drone operators.

More recently in Australia a rescue helicopter and a drone almost collided at night just north of Sydney. The drone was flying at night at about 300m (well above the 120m flight restriction) and forced the helicopter to take evasive action (the crew initially mistook the lights from the drone for an approaching aircraft).

Uploaded on April 24, 2014 by citytvofficial:
Good Luck Stories 2014.

* * * *

Sailing Family with 2 Babies Rescued: ... April 7, 2014.

An American couple set out to fulfil their dream and sail from California to New Zealand.

Unwisely, as it turns out, they took their one-year-old and three-year-old daughters along for the ride.

2 weeks into their 11,000 voyage across the Pacific rough seas took their toll. First, the steering and communications systems failed. Then the one-year-old became feverish, began vomiting, developed a rash, and was not responding to medication.

The California Air national Guard was called in and despatched a fixed-wing aircraft which dropped 4 para-rescue-men into the water near the yacht. A navy frigate was also diverted to the scene.

The woman's sister reportedly said "plans to sail with 2 young kids... I thought it was nuts."

San Diego novelist Margaret Dilloway put it more bluntly... "They'll probably go on the 'Today' show and talk about this, and write a book about it, do a miniseries and get 15 minutes of fame... because that's how our country tends to reward people who choose recklessly to put themselves and their children in danger." (Associated Press, Gillian Flaccus )

Uploaded April 7, 2014 by Global News:
Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... April.

Spiderman Climbs 500' Building: ... March 27, 2014.

France's 52-year-old real-life Spiderman has shown he's still got what it takes by climbing the 500' Ariane building in the heart of Paris' financial district.

Alain Robert said he "still felt physically fit" as police arrested him and led him away.

Uploaded Mar 27th, 2014 by euronews:

* * * *

Massive Bull Elephant Flips Car : ... Jan 14, 2014.

Three tourists were very lucky to escape serious harm when a massive bull elephant in Africa's Kruger National Park attacked and flipped their hatchback after trampling on the front of the vehicle. One passenger was treated for a gash to the thigh.

A spokesman for the Park blamed the incident on the male elephant's state of heightened sexual tension. The animal was later shot and killed.

Uploaded January 14, 2014 by Barcroft TV:

* * * *

African Shanty-Town Experience the Safe Way: ... Feb 12, 2014.

You too can now experience what it feels like to live in a shanty-town in South Africa without worrying about whether you might be robbed, raped, or killed.

The owners of the Emoya Hotel's shanty-town in a private game reserve say tourists gladly pay $85 a night for the experience (you get a "long-drop" outside-toilet along with your unlicensed alcohol bar and wi-fi).

Critics of this new Poverty Tourism niche say it is in very poor taste to capitalise on people's desperate poverty.

Uploaded on Feb 12, 2014 by CCTV Africa:

* * * *

World's Top Drug Lord Captured: ... February 22, 2014.

The world's most powerful drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo"/ "Shorty" Guzman, has been recaptured by Mexican navy marines.

The billionaire drug lord was seized from a hotel in the western resort town of Mazatlan. He had been on the run since escaping from a Mexican maximum security jail in 2001 (by hiding in a laundry basket).

Drug related violence in Mexico is estimated to have claimed up to 150,000 lives over the past decade.

Uploaded Feb 22, 2014 by Reuters:
Good Luck Stories 2014.
Good Luck Stories 2014... March.

$10 Million Rare Gold Coin Find: ... February 26, 2014.

A California couple taking their customary daily walk on the rural property they have owned for several years have hit pay-dirt.

The woman stopped to look at a rusted old can that had been uncovered by soil erosion and was astonished to find it was filled with gold coins dating back to 1847-1894. After digging around they found a further 7 cans containing some 1,427 coins all up (they went and got their metal detector to make sure they didn't miss any... wouldn't you?).

The haul of rare coins is estimated to be worth over $10 million.

Uploaded February 26th, 2014 by CNN:

* * * *

Monster Boulders Smash into Farm-House : ... February 1st, 2014.

Several gigantic boulders have come crashing down a cliff face near the town of Ronchi di Termeno in northern Italy onto a farm house.

One of the monsters demolished the barn of the 300 year old building, while the other miraculously stopped just 1 metre away from the back wall of the main building.

Uploaded February 1st, 2014 by ITN:

* * * *

Chopper Rescue as Ship Splits in 2: ... Feb 6, 2014.

Wild storms have battered a Spanish cargo ship carrying fertiliser driving it onto a rock sea-wall on the French coast after it suffered engine problems.

Two helicopter crews risked their lives to rescue the crew of the stricken vessel before it split in two.

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2014 by euronews:

* * * *

Massive Sinkhole Swallows 8 Corvettes: ... February 13, 2014.

A massive sinkhole 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep has suddenly opened up inside Kentucky's National Corvette Museum and swallowed 8 of the high performance machines housed inside.

The incident occurred around 5:30 am (so luckily no staff or visitors were injured) and was captured on CCTV. Engineers checked the Sky Dome for any major structural damage but found "The structure of the building is intact and it's fine" because the sinkhole opened up in the dead centre of the dome.

Uploaded Feb 13, 2014 by ABC News:
Good Luck Stories 2014... February.

14-Month Baby Buys Car on Smartphone: ... July 10, 2013.

A tiny 14-month toddler was doing what today's generation of toddlers do... playing with daddy's smartphone (the little geniuses that they all are).

Problem is, this little genius accidentally triggered a bid on eBay and bought a car... a dilapidated, 1962 English Austin Healey Sprite.

Dad saw the funny side of this and is keeping the car to present to his little girl when she turns 16.

* * * *

Justin Bieber Gets the Message : ... January 24, 2014.

Will the 19-year-old pop sensation "get the message" asks ABC News after Bieber's arrest for Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol and marijuana), speeding, abusing arresting officers, and driving with an expired licence.

Police caught the pop-star speeding the previous night as he drag-raced a red Ferrari (driven by R & B singer Khalil) in a yellow Lamborghini along a Miami Beach street.

Uploaded January 24th, 2014 by ABC News:

* * * *

"Breastaurants" Beat Gloomy Economy ... March 21, 2013.

"Sexed-up eateries are taking the food industry by storm" reports ABC News, and giving "Hooters" a run for their money.

While many restaurant chains have struggled to survive the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, eateries that give customers "an eyeful" along with their meal are booming.

Like the "Twin Peaks" eateries that offer "scenic views" with all meals and promise to deliver "a great experience".

"Would you like breasts with that sir?"

*P.S. Flat-chested, plain-looking girls maybe need not apply?

Uploaded March 21, 2013 by ABC News:
Good Luck Stories 2014... January.

Man Survives 3 Days in Air-Bubble: ... December 3, 2013.

A man has had a truly miraculous escape from death after a tugboat sank in 30 metres of water off the coast of Nigeria, Africa earlier this year.

The man was in a toilet when the tugboat (which was towing an oil tanker) suddenly capsized. He found safety in a cabin where he survived for almost 3 days in an air-bubble living on a single bottle of Coke... 11 other seamen onboard perished.

The man thanked God for the miracle saying he'd kept repeating a psalm his wife had sent him earlier in a text message.

Uploaded on December 3, 2013 by AssociatedPress:

* * * *

Woman Survives Being Set On Fire : ... Oct 13, 2013.

A beautiful blonde woman has made an inspiring recovery from a vicious attack that left her with 3rd degree burns to over 60 percent of her body.

A jealous rival, mistakenly believing she was having an affair with her husband, sprayed her with a flammable liquid then set her alight in her apartment.

Uploaded October 13th 2013 by SunriseOn7:

* * * *

Landslide Engulfs Car: ... July 28, 2013.

CCTV cameras on a mountain pass in China's Shaanxi province have captured the moment a minute-long landslide of mud and earth crashed down onto a car.

The 4 passengers in the vehicle managed to scramble to safety. It is believed weeks of heavy rain triggered the collapse.

Uploaded on July 28, 2013 by The Telegraph:

* * * *

Man Survives 5 Storey Fall Off Building ... December 29, 2013.

A man was very lucky to survive a fall from the balcony of the 15th floor of a hotel.

The 32 year old was celebrating Boxing Day evening enjoying a few drinks with his family when he looked out over the balcony to look at revellers below. He overbalanced before crashing 30 meters onto the 10th storey balcony below.

Doctors said it was "a miracle" that he escaped with only extensive bruising and a fractured foot and toes.

Uploaded December 29, 2013 by 7NEWS:

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